About the Development category

Firmware and software development

General guidelines below.

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To keep things focused and useful for the (mostly volunteer) developers, please follow a few housekeeping practices,

  • Use a subject line that includes the name of the product that the thread is about in parenthesis followed by a description of the topic. Example, (Teletype) Live variable monitoring.
  • Threads should stick to a single feature topic whenever possible. When posts in a thread are better off in a new thread, or an existing thread for that feature, please move them. If a moderator moves your post, the moderator will post a quick explanation in the original thread to avoid confusion.
  • Cross linking between threads and linking to related Github content is encouraged.
  • Although reporting bugs for commonly discussed software or firmware is ok in this category, please investigate whether or not the project you’re reporting a bug to has a preferred bug tracking system.

As new features for a release of software or firmware are actively being planned, the developers are welcome to post omnibus threads that link to the discussed features with their current status. The Teletype 2.2 release status thread is a good example of a format that’s clear and useful. Moderators are happy to pin these release status posts in the development category to make them easier to find, just ask. Developers can use these threads to ask for testing help, or to solicit bug reports.

Lastly, software development is fun, we’re fortunate to be part of a community that values open source and collective development of these tools. Do your best to keep the community creative and enjoyable for everyone!