About the Library category

welcome to the lllllllllibrary.

a collection of code/patches/applications created by lines members.

all platforms are welcome (ie, norns, supercollider, max, pd, etc). use the tags to sort. (will add tag links here in the future, when content fills in.)

please adhere to the template when contributing a new project— the template shows up automatically when you select Library as the category. you’re welcome to host your files here on the site. discussion about your project will live in the thread.

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Would it also make sense to try to create threads for the older scripts Max patches etc under this category?

please do, yes indeed! but also there should be an assurance that these old patches work.

At the moment these all seem to be for Norns.

Is this also a place for other programs?

what do you have in mind?

Looks like the only qualifier is “created by lines members.” :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping for a place where currently working apps for all monome devices can be found.

I don’t code (yet) and I only have a Grid and Ansible, and a MacBook, but one of the challenges in getting deeper into this universe is the proliferation of information across different threads, sites, etc.

When I look for programs that work for Max for Live for example, some don’t seem to be up to date… it would be great to have a current list in one easy to find place…

And for any of us who aren’t yet comfortable with coding, reading a note that says something like “this only needs some coding attention to make it actually work” doesn’t help much…

If I live long enough to retire, I’ll get into coding! For now, it’s 50-60 hour work weeks, and more work on the weekends… so learning coding is purely aspirational…

That’s it…


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It might be nice to add another layer of tags to the Library posts. For example a synth tag, or an effects or sequencer tag, so that people can group based on what they are looking for.

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Also, perhaps Grid and Arc tags?


yes, please add max/pd/m4l projects here. that is the goal.

re: extra tags for grid, synth, etc. let me discuss this with the mods. seems like a good idea.


Is there any level of “finished-ness” required (or requested) to post in Library?

For example - what about demo-scripts?

Just tried 2.0, everything worls perfeclty even new scripts, but Orbit doesn’t Norns says error in audio engine, also i dont see it here , any toughts ? Thanks

Looks like orbit got updated a few hours ago, so if you are OK using the command line, you can grab an update for Orbit with the following:

cd ~/dust/code/ash
git pull

if something is a simple demo it seems more appropriate to post a link to it in the scripting thread.

if it’s a demo for an engine (or library) then sure, it could have a Library entry.

I think it would be helpful for new contributions to add some text being explicit about the template and how it is created automatically when someone creates a new post.

i would find it helpful if library topics were required to include a short clue as to the nature of the project. in browsing for norns scripts i see a lot of cool names, but then have to click through to find out what it actually does. this isn’t such an inconvenience for casual browsing, but if i’m looking around for scripts that have to do with sequencing or scripts that are focused on audio processing… it’s not really usable.

naming examples:
Manifold: Multi-Effects Processing
Reels: Asynchronous Audio Looper


This brings up the idea again of using tags for specific use cases. “Synthesis”, “Effects”, and “Sequencing” are possibilities.

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@tehn is there any way to remove the “titles must be at least 4 characters” rule for Library posts? Was about to post a script called “sam”, and hoping I don’t have to rename :sweat_smile:

@justmat title requirement reduced!

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fwiw, the Library category is for sharing all kinds of software (see top post here.) (a “library of things” rather than a “collection of libraries”

also fwiw, #node seems suitable on one hand (describes runtime environment, like the others do), on the other hand #standalone or #application could be better for sorting from user perspective.

i’m commenting here because it seems like there are some organizationl ambitions expressed in the OP that have not yet been met. and the number of posts in norns tag is now quite large. so if there is some additional tagging / linking work to be dne, maybe it’s better to do it soon.

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