Academic sound studies conferences and events online

I figured a thread about academic sound studies online events such as conferences, presentations, panels, sessions, seminars, workshops etc could be interesting here on lines. And I would benefit from one myself! So i am trying to start one.

I’m writing this while waiting for this session titled Algorithmic composition, sound, and soundscapes of Artificial Creativity conference with good folks at Malmö University’s MEDEA to start in a few minutes


No events to share at the moment; just chiming in to express my shared interest!


This happened earlier in the year, and the papers and concerts are online.


Two today:

Theatrum Mundi & IRIS (EHESS) organizes Réaliser un urbanisme sonique - À l’écoute de la vie non humaine (Facebook event) starting at 9:30 CET ie in 15 mins. Programme streamed and in English language. Good more-than-human and New Materialism stuff coming up. Single track today.

The other one is three-day Musik als Wissenmachine at Humboldt HUG with English and German programme starting at 10 Berlin time. Single tracks for talks and a parallel for artworks, running today, Friday and Saturday.

See (and hear) you there :wavy_dash::nerd_face::wavy_dash: