Accidental MIDI CCs from Norns

I’m getting “rogue” CC’s from all the scripts I use on Norns, I’m pretty sure. Do scripts send out Midi CCs that I might not be catching? I’m trying to use a Disting EX and it keeps changing the folder on the thing, despite me not sending out CCs (to my knowledge). Might be a Disting EX problem, but I’m not sure.

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huh! happy to help verify, if you can provide any specific test cases for the scripts you’re using on norns? certain scripts might have additional CC sends which others don’t.
also, are you running any mods?


Tried it using Delinquencer and Awake. I am running the Z_Tuning mod, but tried it with it turned off and still had the same result. When I hook norns into my laptop to run a MIDI monitor, I don’t see any CC’s, so it probably is something on the Disting EX side.