Ace! Thanks so much dude

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Excellent and thank you!

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This looks fantastic :sparkles:

I can see this being a very neat way to get deep, surprising results out of a very minimal ~40hp eurorack setup (Crow, Synth-voice and some other goodies).

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Awesome script! Thanks a lot! Going to try the buchla in full polyphony !

I don’t know if it’s difficult or even possible but would be great to use a MIDI keyboard for selecting the notes/phrases

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Genius (20 characters)!

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@infinitedigits How did you hook the Monotron and the Shield together in acrostic-demo2? Am I right in thinking it’s audio out from Monotron to audio in on the Shield? And what’s going into (out of?) the Shield’s USB? A grid?
Asking because I have one of these groovy little multi units on the way and am kinda hoping I can use it as a sound source for acrostic

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Acrostic is absolutely fantastic!

I started exploring the scripts to look into adding more scales (phrygian, locrian, etc.) but stumbled upon the philipglass mode… My afternoon, and, realistically, probably the entire rest of the day, is forfeited to this deep and beautiful thing!


So, I’m not having a fantastic day at work.

Decided to load this up and just let it run in the background to help me get through the day.

Sounds fantastic right from the start.

Kudos, @infinitedigits


Just using the simple little box that is the NTS-1 and this script is making it sing!

Had to change the midi channel on the NTS-1 to 1.

I didn’t see a midi out channel select in the parameters, did I miss it or is it not there?


This is immense. Well done with this astounding script!

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another awesome addition! thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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would you be interested in a live virtual acrostic workshop?

following in @jaseknighter’s footsteps who had some wonderful splnkr workshops, I would be happy to do a public workshop through twitch on using acrostic - going through workflows, tips+tricks, etc. if you’re interested just click yes and if we have a critical mass I can figure out some schedule options.

  • yes

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btw if you are getting error: init …

make sure to have your norns updated to the latest version (220129 as of this writing). acrostic uses @Dewb’s brilliant roman numeral chord generation system. (I’ve added this to the requirements up top).

:slight_smile: :heart: so glad its given you a lift.

the shield is actually talking to crow and crow is sending the volts to the monotron (via a hack where I soldered some wires to the back of the monotron pcb). the USB cable in that demo is the crow cable.

I think those should work great! do they accept MIDI? if so, you could simply plug in a USB cable from the shield into multi and then plug the audio cable from multi into the audio input of acrostic. turn on acrostic and press K1+K3 and sit back and relax :rainbow:

I like this - I’ll prototype this idea a little.

do you mean these lines? haha I’m glad you like those! maybe I should make them some presets. all those commented lines are actually chord patterns I was using when writing the generations album. some of the chord patterns were based off chord patterns I heard in other songs and liked (philipglass = Philip Glass Etude #6 for piano)

yeah exactly! my motivation for this was to really create as much complex harmony out of a simple system/synth.


Hey Zack!
ONE HUNDRED percent of people say “yes”…so surely it will happen?


Yep - 5-pin DIN MIDI in and out, proper old school!

Thanks for the cabling tips, really looking forward to my multi getting here now!

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Simply amazing!! Thank you again!

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With hindsight, my comment above would’ve been much funnier if I’d actually included the bit where it said “1 voter” (me) in the screenshot.
Ah well.


Acrostic has been on in the background for a couple of hours now. Giving me some Richard Einhorn/Shock Waves vibes in the lower minor keys.


Ok, I’m gonna make an entire album with a Casio SK-1… BRB…


Thanks so much for your work and vision in this, and of course for sharing it with all of us @infinitedigits. I am very excited to give this script some attention and see how it works within my workflows.

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@infinitedigits Those are the lines! I love the option of exploring the different chord patterns, in Maiden or via presets.

And, I would be 100% on board for a workshop!

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