Adapting Norns OS To Hardware Drum Multipad

I have been putting together a drum multipad, because I wanted to add features that commercially available products just don’t have.
I had planned to use a Raspberry Pi as the brains of the unit, running either Pure Data or Supercollider, with the triggering handled by a Teensy board.
After several months of studying the topic, I began wondering if the Norns OS would be a good starting point to adapt to this hardware instrument.

Is the Norns OS available to write to an SD card to try out for this application?

I think @okyeron might know?

For the moment I’m still building/compiling a linux install each time for norns on RasPi. Getting closer to an img install, but not quite ready for prime time. This is mostly due to stuff around the oled display.

For your application I’d suggest looking at Orac 2.0 which just dropped for RasPi - you could get that up and running right away

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Thanks so much, I’ll check that out!

direct link in case you’re not finding it:

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