Add/enable user option for Dark theme?

Would it be possible to allows users to select a dark theme?

According to this it seems like there’s already a “Dark scheme” included with Discourse and it seems pretty simple to enable a theme using that “Dark scheme”


Could also be done on a your browser level (and customized) via stylish.

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I dislike browser styling overrides as they inevitably get out of sync with a site and require constant updating. I would also enjoy a darker theme for this site would it become available. A “warm monochrome” would be very nice.

anyone have any luck with this? Would love to not be blinded at work here in the dark! :smiley: :crazy_face:

Adding a +1. Brightest site that I use on a daily basis.

+1 here too. Would love a dark mode.

+1 for this idea, victim of #fffffff browser blindness

head over to and see if it’s easy/possible and the admins here will make it happen

Per Sam, it’s now a user selectable option that the admins can just enable.

@tehn it looks pretty easy. simon already linked this

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thanks— i missed simon’s first post somehow (or skimmed it back in june more likely)

checking this out

enabled. go to user > preferences > interface

the lines graphic at the top is inverted.


20 characters of Thank You!

Yes, many thanks. This is way easier on my eyes.

Hamburger menu switch is also an easy add:

(I run a Discourse community for my dayjob, so always happy to help if need be!)

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Yea! My cube at work needs to be so dark, this is great!!

Thanks v much! 20 char*

by inverted, do you mean compared to the new dark background? the lines logo clashes badly with the new theme. here’s what i see on desktop firefox, and it’s displayed the same way on mobile chrome:



possible solution: offer an alternate logo in the dark theme stylesheet. would require creating a new graphic. or just switch to a single transparent svg/transparent png used in both themes, though that would be a light gray on dark gray for this dark theme. probably better to just do a second inverted-color logo from the beginning.


@laborcamp made some great logos.

can anyone volunteer to create transparent-background pngs of the correct size (matching the existing)? note there is a 8 line and 4 line version

bonus, favicon !! (1.6 MB)


:raised_hand: I’ll give this a shot!