Adding drums to the modular looking for ideas

I want to add some drum sounds to my modular set up. I’m looking for recommendations.

Seems there are a few routes.

Use oscillators and noise with envelopes for sounds. Dedicated drum sounds eurorack module. A dedicated drum machine.

I have a Boss 770 it’s a little awkward. You really need to work the menu and programming options. I’d like something that is a eurorack module or something dedicated that is easy and intuitive to program.

Radio music can do drums, may not be quite what you’re after as it’s sample based.

Also I’ve been using Novation Circuit with CV.ocd to send CV, clock but you can also use the drums from the circuit alongside your rack.

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That’s a pretty cool module with broader use cases than just drums. Have to do some research…

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edit: different (better?) video


Oh well, BIA.

I had one. Very very cool module. It wants a lot of modulation but it can be an entire drum machine in a single 10hp module.


Funnily enough, have found MI Peaks to be quite convenient for some drum sounds, if you’re looking for versatility. It’s not a drum module per-se, but has a few modes with 2 tweakable drum sounds, ranging from kick to hat with toms and snares sounds inbetween. The plus side is you can use the other features if you find yourself in a usage scenario that does not require drums.

For a prominent kick usually sacrificing the 13HP to include the analog goodness of the Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum. It’s got some interesting features if you want to skew the pitch, and a distortion circuit as well.

Last but not least - should mention it first actually - the Noise Engineering BIA is KILLER! :smile:

Using the Loquelic iteritas a LOT but Basimilus is the way to go for percussion module for sure, depending on your style.

Hope this helps!


I use:

Soundmachines DC1
Vermona TwinCussion
Bastl Noise2, Cinnamon and Skis
Into a Mixology for submix and send fx

I like it, you can pretty quickly sculpt the sounds you want. And they are all usable in other ways.
The TwinCussion is very quiet though.

There are loads of good options though. I think I owe myself a BIA at some point.

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I use two dedicated percussive modules, an Akemie’s Taiko and an Elements, alongside an Elektron Digitakt. I use a Pamela’s New Workout for percussive sequencing and its MIDI out to sync the Digitakt.

This setup works great because the two modules that I use for percussion kind of create a nice mid-point between the percussion from the Digitakt and all of the interconnected modulation of my modular system.

Digitakt is also good for this because it brings a nice sense of minimalism and playability that is seperate, yet very complimentary, to modular, while the percussive modules help the percussion feel more “alive” than the drum machine on its own.

Being able to sample modular onto Digitakt on the go is also a win.


I just don’t care about making analog drums at all. My rack is designed entirely around using as little space as possible, and drum samples are fine for this goose. I’ll be doing some variation on this:

Grids for quick drum programming so I don’t need to focus on it for long. If it’s not enough for me, I’ll swap it for the Four Bricks Rook (same footprint, but many more options). Three ONE’s or Radio Music’s, and I was considering the DTM because it overdrives a bit if you push the levels.


About the Basimilus Iteritas Alter, I remember I made this little stupid video patching it from zero to carnival, that might be of some help.


Nice One!
I like the simplicity of it.

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Basimilus Iteritas Alter Is looking really good. I’ll have to look into it more. Seems like you’d connect the cv inputs to a range of gates running at different rates to simulate various drum like beats. Hard to tell exactly what is going from the description on the web. This seems to be what is happening in the videos.

If you already have some drum modules, the Shakmat Knights Gallop is awesome. I just got one! It adds different rhythms and grooves

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I just got a 1010Music Bitbox. It’s a sampler with drum sounds. I’m going to experiment with driving this with gates from Temps Utile.

The Basimilus Iteritas Alter is on my radar for future exploration. I might look into getting one of these. I’m guessing I could drive this with Temps Utile or O and C to generate some interesting rhythms.

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Can BIA do subtle? (That’s not meant to sound like a diss). Most of the videos I’ve seen sound pretty aggressive and in yer face.

Yes this this this! It is quite an amazing module.

I use the meta mode in Braids (bees in the trees alt firmware) to sequence drum loops from the module’s various percussion sounds - you can get a whole kick/snare/cymbal thing together and add in the weird pluck, bell, or other sound in for variety. there are also tons of internal controls you can use to add more variety - a turing machine, envelopes, LFOs, etc.

Braids is deep af, it wears a lot of hats in my tiny system. also, since lots of people sold theirs to get Plaits, there are lots of them on the market!

Wow what a sweet setup!!! This is amazing!

For analog drums sounds, the winner in sound and UI right now to me are the SSF entity drum modules, the bass drum and percussion. Super versatile, especially the Percussion module with different noise modes, cv over noise seperately from the self-oscillating band pass filter, and cv over wavefolding and saturation for some serious dynamic and tonal range. Both are a blast to play too! They both have an endless amount of sweet spots, especially with outside cv or self-patching with the envelope and duck outs (- env often used for sidechaining effects), though a little tweak can sometimes make a huge difference!