Adding drums to the modular looking for ideas

I use a confundo funkitus and quad clock distributor to add variation to very simple trigger sequences coming out of a trigger man. The confundo uses different probability curves and a cross fader to combine the eight sequences. The qcd divides/multiplies the sequences coming out of confundo (or trigger man and then back into confundo or not). QCD works best with steady clocks and not expertly with more complicated patterns. Close enough/wrong enough for me. Modulating divide/multiply creates fills. At times the sequence gets extremely shambolic, like Television Personalties level.

The biggest draw back with that set up is I can’t multiply each output’s clock before they come out of trigger man. Eg. cant take 1/8 pattern and turn it into 1/16 without the QCD imparting character. I’m sure there are more full featured sequencers that offer that though. I’d still recommend pairing confundo funkitus and QCD with any simple trigger sequencer.


I use a Confundo Funkitus for my melodic sequences, so I am very familiar! A good shout out.

I kind of hope NE will do a module with the same 2 inputs to 1 output with a slider as a single channel module. While I find it works well for my sort of meta sequencing, I’m not sure how I feel about it for percussion.

I’ll elaborate: With Grids I have a kind of density control over each part of the 3 percussion parts. Want more snare? Turn up channel 2. With CF you have an all or nothing scenario. The entire pattern has to mutate (though it does give you a bunch of options). I wish it gave you a hair more control over each channel (omit from fade, but not mute for example). Though the mutes are definitely killer.

While I am citing a wishlist here, I don’t want to undersell how great CF is. It’s one of the top 3 most important modules in my rig.

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I hadn’t considered CF for melodic sequences! Looking forward to trying that.

Not sure if you’ve considered Event Boss but that was one possibility before I settled on CF. If I remember a YouTube demo correctly it’s designed to create variations on a sequence. I briefly tried Logic Boss but had trouble using it with Trigger Man so didn’t seek out EB.

As far as drum sounds I’m trying to wring as much out the SSF Entity Percussion as I can. It’s my only dedicated drum module but I may replace it. It’s got a lot of expressiveness and modulation possibilities. I think what I’m looking for though is more total drum voices, still fitting in 14 hp more or less… So appreciate the recommendations, especially pico drums. I’ve been satisfied with pico logic and dsp.

I’ve been considering addac t-network but my impression from online demos is that it benefits from lots of audio processing. More than I currently have free in my case.

Where I think this is all going though is delptronics drum module and expander. I like that most of the sounds have dedicated outs and the expander adds cv over pitch, decay or both.

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You might look at a Beast-Tek Amoeba. It is like Grids but has eight trigger / gate out-puts. I use mine in conjunction with a Trigger Riot to add spice but it also functions well on its own.

On a personal note, my new favorite thing is clocking the Amoeba with my Benjolin thus causing generative free jazz.


I remember looking at it and scratching my head a bit, but maybe it’s somethign I should give a shot. Thanks for the recommendation.

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No one has mentioned DFAM? I bought one since the beginning of this topic. It works well but I not sure it’s really a drum machine per say. It’s sort of a percussive sequencer. It does work to add a beat.

If I really want drums I get closer with Robaux SWT16 and the Bitbox sampler.

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I sent this to Noise Engineering today. They said it would probably be too expensive to produce, but I’m going to post it here in prayer for magical future existence.

Please note this is a mock-up that I made and doesn’t exist!


I find that the Trigger Man works amazingly well with NE Bin Seq, especially for free jazz drumming and off-the grid drum patterns. I promised NE that I’ll write something about this but I never have enough time!

I conjured up a small 3U system based around the idea of drum sequencing. As a study case (excuse the pun). I highly suggest checking out the Eowave Swing module, it is priceless, albeit cheap.

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I like it for subtle, evolving percussive stuff. I love moving and changing, ‘liveable’ hi-hats and clicks and crackles etc., and DFAM is ace for those. And it also goes boom and doom if needed. Great pairing with BIA.

I just picked up a DFAM recently and I’m enjoying it a lot! Lots of fun, and pairing it with PNW gets some interesting results.

I have a DFAM. I had it racked for a while and did some recording with it. I did a show with it. Then it kind of fell by the wayside and I removed it from my rack.

What happened?!

I found it difficult to integrate with the rest of my eurorack set-up. Unless it was performing as the number one boss (or, alternatively, simply doing noise hats and nothing should be 60 hp for doing some hats, folks) I found I was not using it at all.

Since I collect drum machines, I will not sell the DFAM and do plan to use it more someday but not necessarily as part of a euro set-up.


@grey it’s not as much a distortion quantity issue so much as a general timbrel dissatisfaction (esp. wrt snares).

I presume you prefer not to share it at the moment, but I’d be curious to see it when you are. Additionally, I’d be curious how you use the Swing? I’ve looked at it before, but I wasn’t sure how it would integrate in practice.

@yams: Might be worth checking out the prOk snare? Given that it’s synthesized, there is a lot of control over it via software setup.

On the contrary, I’m happy to share! I even had a workshop on the subject the other day and worked with the small 3U case:

Microrhythm study case

The case has “everything”! Dual clock, logic, probability, swing, delay, repeats, programmable sequences, division, euclidean patterns, gate lengths, randomness, stochastic envelopes (which is a fancy way of saying probability), etc. I’d say it’s quite a treat to sit down and work with this one, although I’m still missing the chainsaw, so there’s no chord/melody yet; it’s all drums for now.

It’s not easy to answer how Swing can be best used as it does a lot of things. I would say the most basic usage would be to plug it between your clock and a sequencer, to add groove to your patterns, but the different modes allow for some diverse results. Also, I’m more inclined not to think of it in a certain way, other than how it works, in order to not bog it down to a specific patch location. It can be a burst, it can be a clock delay, it can be a swing module, it can mess up a straight pattern in lovely ways, which is why I suggested it as a good module to have in the first place. It’s cheap and can liven up any drum pattern.

If it’s not obvious, I’m more interested in patterns that don’t adhere to the grid.


Just wanted to say that this study case is hot fire. I’m also interested in getting off the grid with drums and admire the ideas you’ve crammed in here. I’ve never even seen a few of those modules and now I myself will throw a study party. Thanks for posting.

That is very kind of you to say, thank you. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the modules you didn’t know; with the exception of Chainsaw, the rest are in the case already.

I can highly suggest CLX from Evaton. Dual clock with logic options (AND and XNOR) can be really useful to push things completely off the grid or, to be more precise, superimpose two grids for you to work on.

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Realise I’m totally late to the game on Grids, but just picked up a used unit. Cheers for that :+1:

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Curious how you’re employing the Bizmuth. When it first came out, I thought it would be cool to spin the wheels and have the spins trigger drums. Many years ago, I made a Nord Modular patch to cause that to happen and got some pretty cool results.

I would love to hear a little jam on that rack. Been eying the t-network for small fills aswell.


I haven’t used it as a manual gate creator yet, although it is in my to-do list after seeing a video from the manufacturer using it in such a fashion. It sounded nice! My use case so far was as grand OR combiner, allowing me to change patterns on the fly between the various sequencers there. I’m very much looking forward to using it to clock the Tonnetz Sequent which will be sequencing the Chainsaw for chords.

I’ll be happy to oblige @Jensu but I’m not going to make any promises as I’m really bad at following up with videos. I’ll try to post something on Instagram and add a link here. The ADDAC T-network module is simply brilliant (full disclosure: I’ve worked with ADDAC System a few times but not on this module)! It’s simple to use, the sound is lovely and deep; if you’re looking for some percussion sounds in your system this is the module for you 100%. It’s nothing groundbreaking soundwise but in my opinion it easily compliments any other drum sounding module you might have in your case. I needed something that sounds clear yet not easily discernible and I found it with the T-Networks.