Adding more USB device support to the nw2s::b

Just a heads up for some of the 'b owners in the group.

I’ve been working on support for some new USB devices to the 'b… I have a pretty long todo list, but have already knocked off the monome, oontztrument, and PS3 controller. (And thanks to Scanner Darkly for adding the arc to that list)

Anyway, USB-MIDI to CV isn’t exactly a new thing, but the 'b seems uniquely positioned to provide a slightly different approach. I’ll keep this thread up to date with my progression over the next couple of weeks as I get more running. I’ve started with a simple monophonic controller as well as a split monophonic controller.

What’s unique is that for each voice, the 'b provides the following outputs:

  • Pitch CV (note + pitchbend)
  • Velocity CV
  • Gate
  • Pressure CV (note pressure)
  • Note ON trigger
  • Note OFF trigger

Plus channel aftertouch and any number of channel CC signals.

Here’s what it looks like in JSON.

	"program" : 	

		"name" : 			"USB Monophonic Midi",
		"clock" :

			"type" : "FixedClock",
			"tempo" : 120,
			"beats" : 16			

		"devices" : [
				"type" : "USBMonophoncMidiController",
				"gate" : 2,
				"pitch" : 1,
				"velocity" : 3,
				"pressure" : 5,
				"aftertouch" : 4,
				"triggerOn" : 3,
				"triggerOff" : 4

I need to find a controller that will send note pressure tho… I thought my Novation supported it, but doesn’t seem to be the case. I need to check the Qunexus - it may

The biggest item on my list is a soundplane. I’ll be starting on that soon, but want to get through a couple of other midi devices like an arpeggiator, drum triggers, etc.

(Some more details at the site: )


thanks scott

i’ll keep an eye on this thread

saw new checkins on github, exciting news!

will probably try to do straight up korg nanoKontrol CC to CV / trigger conversion sketch in a couple of weeks.

Yeah, the basics are pretty easy to add, but I’m going to try to build out a few other device-specific drivers. Some of the new fader and grid controllers respond to midi messages to turn on and off lights, so some potential there for interactive interfaces. I’m getting a Novation Launch Control XL in tomorrow (they were on sale over the weekend)


i like nanoKontrol’s form factor, and it’s a lot of controls in a small footprint. also should map nicely to ::b outputs, was thinking 8 faders + 8 knobs to 16 analog outs, and 16 buttons latching / momentary gates on the digital outs.

novation looks interesting too. i might also attempt writing something for OhmRGB, that’d be pretty insane…

Yeah, the bigger OhmRGB is cool. They were on sale last weekend too, but for a smaller discount. The Launch Control and Launchpad were slightly better deals.

I also had a revelation this morning… I’ve been a little sad that my Omnichord isn’t USB. Now it is! (silly me - Picked up a Mio) I’ll have an Omnichord program running this weekend… In theory it will include separate voices for chord and strum plate.