[addressed] Custom Grid & Ansible panels

These are probably slightly optimistic questions, but thanks in advance if anyone can help! :slight_smile:

Firstly - I’m hoping to “design” an Intellijel 1U ansible panel. I know this will not actually fit - my plan is to create some custom rails which have sections cut out to make the PCB fit. What I’d like to know, is if anyone already has a dxf file for the panel so I can just resize the panel dimensions and add extra mounting holes?

Secondly, I got a second hand 2012 Grid last year, which unfortunately has sustained some fairly high impact encounters to its top plate. Fortunately the walnut base has avoided all damage, however, I’d love to get that top rectified, so, same question really - does anyone have files for the top plate I could use to get a replacement manufactured, or know where/if I could find a replacement?


email help@monome.org for grid plate replacement

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