[addressed] Norns: what are available Param types?

Documentation seems to be sparse on the “types” available when adding a param

ParamSet:add (args)
add generic parameter. helper function to add param to paramset two uses: - pass “param” table with optional “action” function - pass keyed table to generate “param” table. required keys are “type” and “id”

What types are available?

Guessing based on the individual functions: add_number, add_option, add_control, add_file, add_text, add_taper, add_trigger

But there’s no description at all what these are or how they should be used (add_file??).

Does delta work with all of these types?

There’s a file per type here: https://github.com/monome/norns/tree/master/lua/core/params

delta won’t blow up on any of them, but it’s a no-op on everything except: control, number, option, and taper