Advanced Metronome/text sequencer

Hi there.
I guess this is the good place to post, regarding to the fact that i’ve never found the tool i’m looking for anywhere…
Have you ever heard of any advanced metronome/sequencer wich offer the possibility to sequence in time with a master clock, and using the chosen bar resolution, some text messages relative to any movement you have to play in order to complete a piece of music that you have anticipated?
I mean, most of the time I “compose” with modular and drum machine. most of the time, there is intricates movements and cable management that I have to recall at the propoer moment, in order to keep the impact and the interest of what i expect my track to be. And most of the time i get lost in the bars…So it’s all about trial and errors, i know… but…
What i would love to find is a advanced metronome plug-in or stand alone app wich is clocked to my main tempo and wich works as a sequenced reminder, fully editable / customizable , offering usefull info prior to major song changes, like a music sheet for the electronic musician…

Is there anything similar existing yet?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion :smiley: And sorry for my english…

maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but the iPad app Forscore can make pageturns in time with a metronome. I don’t know if it can be synced to a clock from outside, but if you write pages with your cues in a pdf, it can turn the pages at specific points in time.
It’s an app for reading scores and notated music, and most people use it with a bluetooth pedal to flip pages, but it you can set the metronome to a tempo and tell it how many beats you want for a specific page before it turns to the next. I think you can even tell it to calculate tempo changes and ritardandos and accelerandos in to it’s page turns

To me, this would seem pretty easy to implement in Max if you aren’t averse to using a computer as part of your setup.

thanks for your inputs!
@AndersSkibsted wanna check this app… I must have an old iPhone laying around… could be a good alternative, thus it’s not sync to tempo… but it could be a nice workaround.
@CharlieGilb Max for live… never had chance to try it… I have to check it out… this could be the good occasion for me to learn Max.

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I would really encourage it. Creating a patch like this would definitely be on the simpler end for what Max is capable of.

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I really need to deep dive into max… understand the concept but seems a bit opaque to me… I guess I have to download the trial version and see how I can wrap my head around it.

hey, this is a brilliant work around. I use a mv8800 for most of my midi duties at the moment. I guess I can sample some instruction and sequenced it parallel to my track progression. just need to figure out how to cue the audio to my headphones. I need to make some schemes :slight_smile: