Advice for my last couple ISMS modules

Here is my rack’s current state:

Currently here are the options I’m thinking about.

  • Get a WMD Multimode VCA.
    • Inverting the CV signal on this is nice.
    • I enjoy ‘sidechaining’ the bass voice VCA with inverted CV from the kick.
    • The distortion circuit could come in handy.
  • Get a Mutable Instruments Clouds.
    • I use quite a bit of reverb. Currently I’m using a TC Electronic Hall of Fame pedal. I would like to be able to have the reverb respond to the other voices though (HP roll off to keep things from getting muddy).
    • I could also get a similar rhythmic ‘glitch’ effect that I use the Radio Music for. I’m hoping this would be better though because I would be grabbing live audio instead of a sample. I put my Prophet 08 through the line in of the ISMS often.
    • I would be able to add stereo spread to voices that need it.
  • Get rid of the Braids and get the two modules above. Instead of having to chose. Why not both?

What I like about my setup and modules I use a ton:

  • My favorite module is the Radio Music. My favorite technique is send 1/8 or 1/16 notes from the White Whale to the reset and move the start around until I find a neat rhythmic sound.
  • I love making drum sounds with the Korgasmatron.
  • I mostly use the Mangrove as a bass oscillator. I wish I used this module more. It’s fantastic.
  • The only thing I use Braids for is for a chord on the WTx4 wave. This has been a good swiss army knife voice module but I always feel like I’m underutilizing it. I don’t like how most of the voices on it sound to be honest.

I’m just interested in seeing what everyone’s opinions are. I really enjoy hearing what other people think about setups.

So: Clouds has a totally competent reverb in it, but it’s really a lot more than that. It really, really likes modulation (and attenuated modulation). You’ve got a bunch of that in isms/Peaks/Rampage, though. Also, you’d be able to sequence its freeze button from White Whale, which could be good for the glitching you describe.

(There’s also the Oliverb in Clouds Parasites, but I’m just thinking about stock firmware).

And yes, it works for Stereo. So, even though Clouds is a very singular thing and a lot of people have them… it sounds like it might be up your alley, and it would certainly be interesting to apply to the track you posted. Also: Clouds and Radio Music go well together.

Keeping Braids around just for WTx4 feels like a bunch of space you could be using for other things.

Another thought: replace Braids with a second Mangrove? Not chords, but they’re interesting oscillators and opens up FMy fun, which apparently they’re great at. Appreciate you have the EON, though.

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I actually ended up going with neither of these options. I grabbed a Linix because “you can never have enough VCAs” and a Monome Walk. I also got rid of the Braids. I grabbed a longer reverb tank and just use the on board ISMS reverb. I still hope i can maybe find a way to put a Clouds in because it does seem awesome, but for now I’m thinking about just grabbing another Radiomusic. I have an idea about faking “stereo” by having a Radiomusic on each channel for certain patches. I’ve ended up using the output mixer of the ISMS as 1/2 instead of L/R and a AudioInterface II in another case so I can put 4 tracks into my DAW. Makes it easier to mix later.

Honestly I need to learn the WW sequencer better. I would love to do more sequences with Mangrove or another oscillator but I have trouble getting the WW in the right key/mode.

Only more jamming will tell what the future holds.

Thanks for the advice!

Are these available assembled anywhere? I want one but don’t have time to build kits.

easiest way to get an assembled one is to check the “for sale” forum on muffwiggler.
these show up on a regular basis.

control has an assembly option, just involves waiting a little while for them to make it

There’s also an ebay user “skbrenner229” that regularly posts built versions of otherwise DIY modules, and Radio Music is fairly constant from them.

Thanks guys.

I might give Control’s building service a shot. I didn’t know they offer that.

I don’t participate in MW.

I might check out the Ebay guy too.

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I can vouch for the Control building service - they built my Radio Music and it works Just Fine.

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