Aesthetically Pleasing Blank Panels: Make Suggestions!

Please paste your favorite interesting/beautiful/artistic blank panels. I’ve got a case on the way that won’t be full for a very long time, and I’d like to do something other than plain black. Thanks!

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I’m a fan of this Ritual Electronics one. I was going to buy it but then filled the space…

Also if you’re into it apparently 16 Lego studs is about 3u. Never done it myself but remembered seeing it on Reddit a while back:


You know you are in Eurorack world when LEGO is considered ‘cheap’ :smiley:

Edit: the first comment on there beat me to that joke :slight_smile:

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You don’t have to limit yourself to what others put on their blank panels. Since the case has depth unless airflow is a concern you can also create blank panels that make use of that depth.

Something like a Joseph Cornell box would be amazing in the empty space.


Slightly embarrassed as I’m still in the process of gathering together modules for My First Eurorack, but along the way, the various iterations I decided were definitely - absolutely - for certain - going to be the final layout (they never were, of course!) occasionally called for blank panels.

The one constant in my rack design has been white/silver, from case to modules, and I was much taken with white options of these from Modular Synth Lab:

They’re based in the EU, which may not be good for some Liners but I’m really please with the two I bought. Even though I probably won’t use them in my current planned layout… It doesn’t hurt to have spares, in case of future module reshuffles, right? :wink:

If I was a black-rack kinda gal, then I’d definitely find a space for one of these plague doctor blanks from Ritual. I mean, in this year of the plague, how could I not?!

As an aside, I would like to see a bit more variety in 1u blank tiles - at the moment I’m looking to fill a 4hp gap and, while I’m very grateful for the Intellijel range, it would be cool to see something a tad more decorative!

Oh, and silver M3 knurlies, but that’s probably for a different thread! :upside_down_face:

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Wow, a Cornell box or two would indeed be amazing!
I first heard about them in William Gibson’s ‘Count Zero’, but the idea of them has always stuck in my mind since then. Cornell blanks would be brilliant - heh, I could even go full cyber-Goth and join the black-rack league for something like that (surely the ideal setting?!)! :sunglasses:


Don’t own a single module but I always thought their 6hp “cable holder” blank panel is a great idea.
Not sure how this works out in practice though…

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I have a load of fancy blanks I got made from pcb material


those look great. where did you order them from?

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These must be my aesthetic, ha!