Aether Machine

Hi all, I’m a new module manufacturer who has taken the adventurous path of not designing for eurorack, joining Wiard in making 6U height modules.

I am currently in production with a novel take on a dual VCO, using analogue computing techniques to implement function blocks that can be found in many digital oscillators. The modulation osc is a sine, with an amplitude stabilization circuit based on trigonometric identities. The carrier osc is a real time computer to calculate the solutions that are often found in wavetables, where doing the calculation in analogue brings advantages that are beyond the scope of having a bunch of harmonics decided for you in advance to select from.

Shipping from stock in the next few months.

Future modules include a quad VCA, a dual physical modelling processor and a syncable Sine LFO.

These are high end computing devices, and as such the initial investment is higher than modern mass produced consumer objects, but the economic model is very fair, with a high ethic supply chain, and the useable life of the instrument will be longer than that of many musicians themselves.


Are there other builders out there supporting this format? Anywhere other than the wiard website I should go to learn more about it?

No just me, I have considered speaking to other builders or open sourcing some aspects of my construction data but it involves intellectual property that Wiard were kind enough to share with me, so it’s ultimately not my call to make.

One issue is that the format is being defined as we speak. I’m the first to implement fully balanced IO, use the Serge style Molex 1490 power connector, up the output levels to +/-10v for SNR, seperate signal and chassis ground in compliance with AES48, and use a full perpendicular mounted PCB. So it’s too early to involve other people anyway. It may happen in the future but right now I’m at full stretch doing designs that have never existed before and self financing it all, as well as at least pretending to try to be a normal human being in my spare time.

Wiard modules are brilliant, readily available and fully compatible.

Is there anything specific you would like to know?

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Not at the moment, but I’ll be paying close attention. Thanks for letting us know about your project!

Thanks for the interest, I’m not planning on going anywhere till I’ve got my ideas translated into usable objects. The physical modelling one (again all analogue) is the next thing I’m really excited about. It does either the Wave Equation or Fluid Flow, complex resonance!

The Re-An (Neutrik sub brand) moulded balanced cables can be purchased for around £1, e.g. from Canford, so balancing is not uneconomical. Nice to interface directly in a studio or live environment, and sound cards, although level control is likely necessary there!

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I’ve been thinking about starting a wiard system and if/when I do (still some time until all the necessary funds are there), I’ll definitely include your modules in the plans. Oscilloplasm seems like a very interesting take on dual oscillators.

Did you do the artwork for the faceplates yourself? Because I think they’re really awesome. I particularly like how the Oscilloplasm incorporates the Wiard-blue and then just goes somewhere completely different with it. Really nice.

Thanks, it will be interesting to hear what other people do with it, it certainly offers a new take on the established form for analogue or digital oscillators, though it does occupy a curious niche that will not please everyone, but I think that confidence in limits can be a strength.

Considered purchase decision is likely wise at this price point!

I’m glad you like the graphix! I took a hell of a beating over that, with many people saying they will flat out never use my modules because of it. The wonderful designed the artwork for the first 2 modules, with Luigi LaVelle of Epinasty doing the etching and inking.


The first module is now available for shipping. No bugs. No version 2. Immediate shipping once payment is received.

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Schematics for this here (under a Creative Commons License)

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