Afrikasia, Instrumental, Downtempo, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Lo Fi

Hello Dear Fam, :slight_smile:

I wish you are doing well and healthy,
I’m here to share with you this creation I have composed using mostly samples and some analog synths.

“Afrikasia, Vol. I” is a compilation of instrumental Downtempo, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Lo Fi type of ambient music,

[Afrikasia, Vol. I | Aoiii] (Link in Bandcamp)

This new project is inspired in a fusion between Africa and Asia continentes, with my Latin American roots. :yellow_heart:

Wish you enjoy this first flavour,


I love the subtle tape effects, great opening texture too.

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i’m an atrobeat geek so i promise to give my honest opinion after listening :sunglasses:
edit: this deserves a track by track breakdown…your production is simply fantastic

  1. in less than 30s your drums convinced to stay, that you know what you are doing :slight_smile:
  2. my fav track, if i have to choose some things to highlight: the unhurried pace, the sparse low end bass notes and snare fills really appealed to me…wonderful arrangement!
  3. perfect afrobeats/afropop tune
  4. i like the drum groove, perc and bassline…for the first time the key chords felt a bit repetitive (no harm meant by this might just have been too similar to the previous song)
  5. you’ve managed to avoid my least fav thing about new afrobeat stuff, the pieces of the puzzle fit well but still have some flavor…not boring, stuck in the old tradition too much and not too stiff…the high register melody is beautiful and the mixing of all parts sound great together
  6. use of overlapping vocal samples in some parts added a nice sense of dimension to the track
  7. i’m split on this one: it features some of your most imaginative sample chopping and a very pleasant melody…but these drums felt most obviously programmed of all the tunes (in the sense that the rhythm followed the melodic lines rather than providing support by countering somehow) still good! and a chill way to close out the album

thanks for sharing
i should buy it now that i’ve had a chance to enjoy the collection


Thank you so much brother, it’s an honor to read your message.
It inspires me to sharp focus and work for the exquisite taste!

I have found gems in your Bandcamp, I’m listening to them right now

Many thanks again for taking the time to listen, :pray:
Blessings and love from Bali! <3

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Thank you so much brother for taking the time and listening,
Blessings and peace :slightly_smiling_face: :yellow_heart: