After Effects or Premiere with Monome?


does somebody know how to connect the monomer 64 to a mac OSX and then to after effects?
Or Premiere?

So that I am able to use it for shortcuts?

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Hey ,

is there anyone out there, that was able to connect the monome to Premiere?

If so I would like to know the way to connect the device to the app.


Peter Lund

Keyboard Maestro can listen for MIDI and then run scripts or UI actions, which could include existing shortcuts in Premiere or After Effects, but I’d imagine it might also require a Max patch to have a monome output MIDI? I don’t have one so don’t know.

A quick search turned up other options…

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I have a 64 monome.
I would like to use it to trigger shortcuts and clips in premiere pro.
I checked the midi translated pro but I can’t get the monome to be seen as an input.

How can I get a connection to my computer (macOS) and which app do I use to map the keys?

Premiere understands keys and mackie devices.

Would be great to get this started