AJ Halbrook - Out of Concern on Superpang

Very excited to share this with you all! This is a great community and thought this release would settle nicely in here. I am beyond grateful to have released on one of my favorite labels. There’s so much great music on there & I am completely honored to have a piece of art I made alongside so many amazing artists whom I look up to. These were all mostly hours of recordings done throughout the pandemic and later edited down to the bits I enjoyed the most. For those that care a lot of this is made with vcv rack, a blofeld desktop synth, hardware modular, and some other soft synths like the plugins in Ableton and Reaktor. Would be curious to hear what you all think!


nice one, can you describe your process? for example how you combine all this tools (plugins, hardware). Thanks,

Sure, so I’d record a single patch into Ableton, whether it was a modular patch or a synth patch. This could be hardware, software, or a combination of both. What resulted was hours of improvisations and I’d then layer them later in the Ableton timeline and edit out the pieces I disliked. Even some of those edited recordings that initially made the cut would be thrown out as well. I like to mention this because it’s part of my process of how I get to the final piece. The entire album was laid out sequentially in the same session and broken up into tracks later.

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