Alarm Clocked (Disquiet Junto Project 0273)


My piece, made mostly with a Roland D-50:


pure data


This is your fretless bass alarm clock. Best way in town for a happy, glorious wake up.
No loads of spare f hours to layer some harmonics with my fretless and added alarm clocks.
It builds till “precisely three minutes in”
AT the 03:00 mark you better wake up. So, when it seems over, is right there that it begins, your fretless day.
Have a nice day, oh you juntos!

8 tracks of fretless bass guitar recorded by DD Friday 24th 2017 between 15h adn 17h.
Alarm clocks and bells from my vaults.


I made a slow moving bed of simple oscillators, that I gradually faded in as the main soft-awakening part of the track. As this played, I then faded in and brought down the cut-off frequency of an HP filter on a BS2 patch, that was playing an arpeggio which had a certain alarm-like quality to it. The more the cutoff reduced, the more bass frequencies appeared and the louder and more alarming it became. Having recorded this, I then did a little post processing in Acid Pro to gradually filter out the top and bottom ends, until there was just a narrow range of frequencies that increased the sense of it being an alarm. I actually put a copy on my phone, and then went to bed, to record it as though it were going off, with the intention of having it gradually fade from the ‘studio’ recording to the ‘live ambience’ , but the recordings were surprisingly too good and didn’t have enough of a difference to be worthwhile so I ditched that idea.


on my old technics piano there’s a cheap synth setting. ironically, if you have digital effect selected it glitches the sound and makes it into a fast one note arpeggio.
i held down a note then another until my fingers could stretch no more
all slowed down in audacity ~60x
faded in throughout.
gentle wake up / definitely up by the end of the cacophony


The timing of this week’s Junto project oddly coincides with a new Suss Müsik obsession: hitting amplified objects with handmade mallets. This is the fundamental mechanical concept behind every alarm clock invented by Yi Xing, Levi Hutchins, Antoine Redier and Seth E. Thomas. The intention is to establish a firm break in a sleeper’s circadian rhythm. Once the serotonin pipeline is disrupted, there’s no going back.

An aside: striking something (or someone) with a heavy object is also a fundamental component in any Tom & Jerry or Three Stooges sequence. Suss Müsik hopes that this linkage is not taken literally in the Junto, and that no participants are harmed for the sake of creativity. For our part, we ruined a perfectly good rice cooker in the process.

For this short piece, Suss Müsik used an actual alarm clock purchased in Japan. As clocks go, this one’s pretty weird. The alarm settings include traditional bells, cute electronic songs probably lifted from video games, an odd take on Beethoven’s Für Elise, and a muffled voice shouting “hello.” We’ll let you identify which samples were used.

Anyway, the piece begins with lightly bowed and tapped guitar strings, which were run through a Vox amp on rotary reverb and recorded straight from the board. A cyclical counterpoint of marimba, synth and bass drum follows, everything rising in volume until the alarm clock announces its arrival. After the three-minute mark, clanking percussion and fuzzy bass take the listener on a tribal march to consciousness.

The piece is entitled Inemuri, named after the Japanese word for “snooze.”


Happy Friday you lot!
Hopefully video to come…
I thought I had the perfect alarm song in my head, but your results may vary. A quick hunt for bell sounds and Jakob Haq came through, his Haq Attaq episodes are my guide for making iOS work as a portable studio. Jakob released some bell presets for Thor that are just amazing. So with Thor running a sequencer with tweaked bells I went in search of white noise like sounds. Started with wind, but ended with ocean, something I couldn’t be further from. Knowing this needed a pick me up progression I finished off with a quick Figure piece with a shuffling 90 bpm beat. Oh, and added my clock recording as a set the mood fade in. Maybe it will be the next big Ohrwurm :slight_smile:


Biep-biep, biep-biep,

I am one of the lucky people that don’t need an alarm-clock. Most of the days, I wake up around 4am, I love it when all is still quiet.


this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0273. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to record music for a slow-waking alarm clock.

this piece has been created by using a silk worm cocoon, a lotus seed pod, a bunch of locust tree seed pods, a wine glass, various paper strips and a brass gong which have all been recorded through a looping pedal. furthermore it has been mixed with a fieldrecording created one morning in my neighbourhood in urban cambodia and some simple sounds extracted from my travel modular. nothing else. the only post-processing applied was LANDR for mastering the recording.

this piece does, in a somewhat extended way, represent my personal alarm clock setup which is curiously not provided by a waking device but by my neighbourhood instead. these are the sounds to which i wake up naturally and gradually from about 5am every day. sometimes it takes me about one hour to get out of a state of dosing but no matter how long it takes me to really wake up, i enjoy every minute of subconscious listening.

happy waking up.


Hi everybody, here’s my track :slight_smile:
‘ad astra per aspera’.


Researched the history of the alarm clock

Created drum track in Reaper

Added three different alarm sounds that were downloaded from Freesound


Uploaded to Soundcloud


Nice sound …


Video is up…stop by if you can :slight_smile: Thanks!


:slight_smile:nice work, cool sounds


Thanks to you (and thanks to NASA too…) :wink:


Under the influence from first 12 hours “the long now” - festival, I found the time for working on the Disquiet Junto Project 0273: Alarm Clocked!!
A small sound in my ears from the long night with great artists, took my IPad with CUBASIS, loaded 4 instances “DRONEO” and do the recording, after I added one little SAMPLR Guitar Track to wake up…have fun!!


four days ago i flew from vancouver bc to taipei taiwan
it was a 15 hour flight
modern time travel
living in the future
the body snoozes. the body adjusts. staying a wake.
this track is made from two sound snippets i recorded with handheld cassette recorder since being here. one is a chinese marching band i heard practicing outside the national concert hall and the other is a random sample from a live pa set by colour domes.


Here’s my contribution:

I sampled my everyday alarm clock (from my phone) into the Op-1, and then I started experimenting.
It’s not recognizable but I also sampled my son crying (sometimes it’s my alarm clock…) and I made a glitch percussion with it.
I worked on the loops using Blocs Wave (iOS) and I added other sounds, then I recorded all back into the TE machine and I finished the track.
The track it’s a little too long, excuse me.

I slowly increased volume and arpeggiator rate and underlaid it with a recording of birds, until the anoying alarm starts and hopefully wakes you up.


Hey All, Jason Ray was the mascot for the Tar Heels. He was struck by a car and became an organ donor who gave many others the gift of life. The two men behind the mascot in this picture were two of the many able to live on by his unfortunate death and his giving spirit. I saw this story on Sportscenter and it really touched me. The alarm sounds
Used the alarm sounds by transposing both down and stretching them way out and adding reverb. I like how the bell sounds became like church bells.Then I added a beat and bass line. The second part you hear the alarms on a loop with a delay fx and crossfading.