Album release - New Tendencies - Everywhere (Conditional)

I’m so excited to have my new album out on Conditional Records today.

This was recorded last summer, mainly in Toronto. Some of the material was conceptualized while on a short tour, but then performed and recorded back at home. I recorded this while building up to a major life change, and I feel like some of that tension and instability shows up on the album.

For this collection of material I really wanted to lean into the sparse and repetitive side of my music … to leave space in the sound … explore different ways of building feeling and mood into repetition.

I used three instruments to make this: my Serge system, Nord Rack 2, and Deluge. Some tracks are just the Serge.

Thanks for listening, and I’m happy to answer any questions.


thank you matt!

gotta check this one out

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really beautiful looking cassette, great sounding album :slight_smile: there’s something about serge pulses that hits different—so satisfying. love the way the combination of sparseness and repetition tends away from the implication of narrative, yet in the context of the whole album I do get a sense of a journey. Maybe the journey thing is inherent part of spending time listening to a longer work, but anyways I felt that duality a lot in this. 20 Year was my favorite track on the first listen through, and a good example of this—the title making some reference to time and the length of the song itself along with its sort of “sections” feeling a bit like a narrative structure in the abstract, but when I’m listening to it it feels more like I’m in a state than on an arc. Thanks for sharing your work <3

(Is it a no-go to order the cassette to the US, or is that just a warning about delays? It’s a little unclear/contradictory on the bandcamp)


Thanks for the thorough thoughts (and listen) :slight_smile:

Time and music are really interesting/weird for me… I tend to think in shorter loops and phrases rather than songs, which might be partially due to my history with trackers and the way they treat patterns.

I also tend to approach narrative, or whatever version of that I use, at the album level… when I write a song I more often think about space … I think of my pieces environmentally/architecturally rather than narratively. When I choose tracks to go together in an album/ep it’s often about trying to create a sense of place and explore that place from different perspectives. Which in the end creates a sort of narrative, but it’s one that tends towards exploration and contemplation than any sort of arc.

I love that you seemed to pick up on a number of those things, which are all pieces of how I work more than they are explicit intentions in the creation of the music.


A bit of both - I currently can’t post stuff to the US, but am taking orders that will be sent out as soon as is possible.

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