Alchemical - Casey Reas & Jan St. Werner presented by bitforms gallery on New Art City

My gallery, New Art City, hosted this virtual multimedia exhibition as a companion to the physical show open at bitforms gallery in NYC. I’m curious to hear how y’all feel about virtual galleries as a concept, and how you experience the art.

From bitforms:

Untitled Film Stills are a series of prints that trace Reas’ exploration of generative adversarial networks (GAN) as image-making instruments. This empirical procedure more closely resembles alchemy than the artist’s usual practice of software art. Reas and technical lead Hye Min Cho trained GANs with specific films selected for their visual and emotional environments. The artist extracted impressions from consequent material, thereby positioning GANs as an apparatus of his visual language. ​Untitled Film Stills ​ are selections from the unique and labored procedure of modeling, generating, and editing.

Werner’s compositions augment the transmutation of imagery in and out of recognition by adapting computer-generated sounds with granular synthesis, a technique that transforms acoustic events into microscopic grains to be arranged and modulated freely. This process allows certain auditory signals to be obscured while others may manifest suddenly. The final culmination of visuals and sound mimics a discernible lexicon of film while establishing a new, multi-sensory expression of cinema.