Alchemy in MainStage ?

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is in the wrong category but I wasn’t sure where to post it (move as needed mods).

I recently discovered that Apple MainStage comes with tons of effects, specifically Alchemy which I used to use when it was Camel.

I’m ‘alergic’ to Logic though - really dislike it, but just learned that Alchemy comes in MainStage and MS is less then £30.

I wondered if anyone has used it in there and how easy it is to resample from MainStage? I don’t need to use Alchemy live so much as to create long samples to import into live for later manipulation etc.

Sorry for newbie question!


This should work fine. If you need real time routing, you’ll probably need to use something like Soundflower to get audio out of MainStage and into your DAW of choice, but if you just need to record samples, it looks like MainStage supports recording the audio output directly: Record your performances in MainStage - Apple Support


You can record MainStage audio output. I used to control MainStage from Cubase, reaper or renoise via the IAC midi connection built into Mac OS. I recorded the result and added the resulting file into my project as audio track.

Then I found Jackbridge and just compiled that. Worked great, until a recent macOS update.

Edit: also not using Alchemy anymore because there are vst alternatives such as Padshop and Harmor etc. for spectral resynthesis. I still fire up MainStage for sculpture though. But also less and less, since Supercollider has so many exquisite physical modeling toys and the mutable instruments algos became so commonly integrated everywhere.

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Thanks both! I have Logic on my University machine and always told myself when I wanted to use Alchemy I’d just use that laptop, which, of course I never do. This let’s me at least manage it all from my studio / performance machine. It could be just nostalgia as it’s been 6 or 7 years since Alchemy was relevant to me but still there might be something in it I can still use, especially the 8 square morph thing which was really cool.

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Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback is a very deep tool that would allow this and many other kinds of complex routing. I used to use Jack for free, but feel like the money spent on Loopback was very well spent. Among other things, it allows you to make many configurations that you can switch between, it makes virtual audio interfaces to support the routing, etc.

In any case with Loopback it would be pretty easy to set up a config where you could send multiple mono or stereo mixes from one app to another and bring them back. I do this pretty frequently with other apps (not Mainstage.)