Aleph 414 • tascam/tape emulator

app idea for aleph…4 track recorder with variable tape-speed & destructive overdubs

For continued discussion & development of this project…post below

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Not busy so much as stuck - today’s hack turned into a crash course in double-pointer arithmetic yikes! Will actually be happy to get back to some cute little DSP project like this but also want to leave this one open to anyone sitting on the fence about whether to dip their toe - it would make a great first module.

Much clearer objectives than the gigantic white elephant grains turned into…


Maybe you could add a param to vary tape length up to a maximum? I used to wind tape loops of different lengths in my Tascam

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rad idea
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hmmm more I think about it, could be underestimating the numerical challenge even of the linear interpolated write. Needs simplest-possible prototype quick before it turns into pie in the sky!

(There’s also the fact one would definitely want a save-audio feature - maybe @test2 already has this kind of stuff)…

EDIT er… looks like some people go get their phd in this stuff

bfffffff we really need to get some prototype cooking before Murphy’s law sets in…


I do have a handle on interpolated writes now - someone at work explained it to me & it’s essentially identical to read (with a bit of a mindflip). Also I think the interpolated read/write can be sped up enormously using a 4 256-value lookup tables (because inter-sample timescale is only 256). That would help with grains too…

But I’m frantic now about improving the controller side - won’t be able to focus on this properly till a better plan emerges on the avr32/bees side of things…