Aleph bees slew in network

I’m enjoying bees. I like the functionality of cvSlew and how it’s built in.
Is there something similar to slew in some of the other operators? If so, which ones?
Or is it the case that I would need to patch together something w/ accum etc?


cvSlew and other slew parameters are functions of the DSP. in other words there is a (digital) 1-pole lowpass filter before each CV output and the corresponding cvSlew value controls its feedback coefficient, approximately calculated for a given -120dB decay time. same for other slew parameters in lines, waves. other modules might have other ways of implementing or exposing parameter smoothing.)

there isn’t any smoothing operator in BEES. (which runs on the control processor, not the DSP.) there easily could be (we’ve thought about it.) an abstraction of a METRO plus an ACCUM makes a linear ramp. the exponential slew would be harder to approximate with existing ops…

which makes me think there’s a need for something like a SCALE in which one operand is mapped from [-32k, 32k) to [-1.0, 1.0) , 16.16 fixed point multiplication is performed, and the integer part is returned. then you have all the necessary parts for exponential slew.


thanks for the clarification. good to know BEES runs at control rate…

yeah; i think [scale] would be super useful; i reach for it frequently in mapping.


I have been missing something like that as well, many times. Also, it could maybe be used as a kind of Uzi operator, right? Then it would allow one to extract or fill all slots of a LIST op into or out of a HISTORY op without building - again - a fast METRO + ACCUM system. Then the exponential part would be great, but it’s easier to make if you are working between -1 and 1, indeed, with COS and such… The future is promising!

I like to use the HISTORY op when I want a smoothing-ish effect.

interesting - but how? with the Average output I guess?

Yeah, exactly the avg out - it’s not exactly slew, but is an interesting effect sometimes.