Aleph easy-to-answer questions

Took a break from using Aleph due to different business. So now basic stuff like performing a clean reboot is forgotten. In the move from Monome forum to lines, has any basic documentation for navigation and operation of the Aleph across scenes been posted or located?
A different question that maybe blooms from above described fuzziness is:
Reformatted the card as Aleph would freeze when loading new scenes. The card wouldn’t format and so used a different card. In the process updated the directory to the latest from github. Now using this different card, the Aleph works yet under “Scenes” there is only blank scrolling, no scenes listed. Anyone know why what’s going on?

ALSO, haven’t used lines and so welcome direction into a more fitting part of the site for these concerns if applicable.
Appreciate the attention.

are modules listed? inputs/outputs? etc?

Yes all but DSP and Scenes are visible. In the two mentioned sections am able to scroll over highlit blanks and even recall scenes yet only see a “done reading” message that stays until I navigate away. The scene doesn’t load or read “Play”.

sounds like the directories aren’t copied over to the SD card correctly, or i’ve also had this happen sometimes if the SD card isn’t seated properly in the slot (pull out, wiggle, push back usually) solves that. AFAIK bees etc is written direct to the aleph but DSP modules and scenes are loaded off the card, hence the blank pages there ( could have totally misunderstood this though @zebra @Galapagoose will probably know better )

when you day you loaded ‘latest’ is that the 0.6.1? you may want to get the beekeep-0.6.0b-osx previous version. There’s still a couple of issues with 0.6.1 pre-release, could be cause of issues?

actually this is the most recent previous release of aleph stuff.

(the beekeep releases contain only the (embryonic) scene-management desktop app.)

it’s kind of a silly question, but is the whole directory structure present on the new sdcard? the behavior you’re describing is consistent with, for example, an empty sdcard or one that lacks the mod and data/bees/scenes directories.

the card should contain:

/app/ - contains .hex files (only used when flashing bees or other avr32 firmware)
/mod/ - contains .ldr, .dsc files
/data/bees/scalers/ - contains scaler_*.dat files
/data/bees/scenes/ - contains .scn files

given a release tarball like aleph-150619.tar.gz , just extract and copy the entire contents to the root directory of a blank sdcard and you should be good to go.

i will add a github issue to make the UI feedback clearer when you try and use blank entries in an empty scenes / modules list.

also, just in case: the procedure for flashing the firmware is to hold down the square “edit/play” button on startup, then select a hex file from the list. you must do this to change the version of bees or prgrm or other firmware.

Seems like a firmware flash may help. When starting up with the button held, also view a blank, scrollable list. Changed SD card to original (after successfully reformatting) and there’s the same issue. Easy deduction is the card itself is slotted incorrectly like @dspk suggested. Trying to wiggle and wiggle the problem away. Nothing yet.
And yes, the directories are copied exactly from the release onto the card.

ah ok, sorry, just making sure.

if the aleph can’t seem to read anything from any sdcard (which is what it sounds like) then i can’t suggest much besides contacting monome to service the hardware issue.

i actually have a unit traded from @dspk that has the same issue!

@zebra oh no! the sd reader has stopped working? or does it just take more wiggling than usual?

Okay. For making this simpler I’m grateful.

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So to update this is no longer a problem. It was a card-formatting problem. I reformatted the original card differently and now everything is smooth. So for everyone’s attention and suggestions here’s gratitude.

@dspk alas, i never got it to work after returning to the states. very weird. i should have another look but it hasn’t been a burning issue (i have a 2nd unit)