Aleph encoder routing preset

When changing the parameter affected by an encoder via presets has anyone found a way to avoid the value of the parameter skipping to the one of the parameter affected by the encoder in the previous preset without including a value in the preset that is recalled each time it is loaded?

let’s see if i understand:

let’s say you have preset P0, which sets enc0 -> in0.
and preset P1 sets enc0 -> in1.

when you recall P1, it assigns enc0 -> in1, and sets in1 to last value of in0?

that’s weird, and not what i’m seeing. what i’m seeing is: recalling P1, nothing changes on the inputs until i move enc0, at which point in0 and in1 have the same value, with the difference of one encoder tick - which is what i would expect, because the last encoder position was sent to in0, and the new encoder position is sent to in1.

however, if i also put any of the enc0 inputs under P1 control, then on recalling P1, enc0 will update its output value. since output routing is processed before input values on preset recall, this will likely result in in0 and in1 having the exact same value, as long as the new enc0 settings don’t actually change the output value.

i don’t see any way around that (as far as changes to BEES logic) which wouldn’t introduce other weird problems. for example, if we changed preset recall to update inputs before outputs, then if P1 controls enc0 inputs, recalling P1 would change the value of in0, which is definitely not what we want.

( i guess we could change it so that updating encoder inputs doesn’t update outputs until an encoder movement occurs. but that would break some usages of the ENC operators that i’m kind of fond of.)

maybe someone can come up with a patching solution though. off the top of my head, you could just route the encoder output through a gate controlled by a toggled switch, and turn it off when recalling.

Problem solved. Encoder inputs were included in the presets. Sorry, tought I tried excluding them already.

Thanks a lot for the fast response and for the new updates! It’s really motivating to see things evolve.