Aleph foot switch

I plugged in a Quik Lok VFP 1/15 sustain pedal thinking it could work as a foot switch. It’s normally closed, I tested it on a MIDI keyboard and it works. When I plug it into either Aleph foot switch ports, attach the output to a METRO enable value and select the “show” mode on the INPUTS section, I hear no changes or see any output to the screen in play mode.

How is the foot switch input supposed to work?

huh? Sounds like that should work!

you can also monitor outputs on the skektek branch. That makes debugging this kind of thing a bit quicker & less error-prone.

Just gonna try doing a ‘fake switch’ by plugging in two jack cables to the 2 switches & then touching tip of one to sleeve of the other. This could rule out any incompatibility between your sustain pedal & the hardware.

so just plug a regular 1/4" jack cable into either footswitch socket (with nothing on the other end) - as you plug it in, should bang the output of the FS1/FS2 operators respectively

Huh, the 1/4" cable totally works. WTF?

And I have a little push button switch I hooked up with alligator clips and that works too. I’m gonna explain this one away as a broken sustain pedal.

Maybe try measuring the impedance between tip & sleeve of the sustain pedal? Could have nonzero ‘on’ resistance or something weird?

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