Aleph freeze

while working through the tutorials i have consecutively had aleph freeze while on the ‘triangle lfo’ section of tutorial 4.

furthermore, aleph freezes( or crashes?) when i try and load the ‘space’ scene

i am currently running bees 0.6.0

dug through the old forum but couldn’t find a clear solution.

ideas and/or advice?

new aleph build will be up within the next few days. many fixes that will likely fix the issue.


exciting news! will this include @Galapagoose 's new module?

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do you know if that relates only to bees?

008 & 009 edition of test2’s prgrm app hasnt frozen on me
kinda weird

i hope its compatible with this refreshed build

Some of the fixes (that I’m aware of) are in bees while others are in the base application library which prgm is likely using as well.

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thanks @ngwese

just noticed you’ve been adding bits on github :grinning:

@ngwese is fully responsible for these fixes!

Is the new build up? is the place to watch, right?

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The new build is up on the github releases page. It should fix many of the freezing problems for those that are interested.

Not many new features (yet), mostly stability improvements.


buffer clearing in lines!!!
amazing, thank you so much!
is there anything else in Lines i need to know about that might affect old scenes?

The only change in lines was the buffer clearing. Your scenes should work well, I used them all during my testing!


could you give us some info on what SHL/SHR are for? or how they work?

The SHL and SHR operators were from @zebra - he could best speak to use cases (my imagination is failing me at the moment for some reason).

The operators implement bit shifting:

The A input is the value to be shifted while B is the number of bits to shift A by. Like many of the other operators setting A outputs the shifted A immediately, setting B just performs the shift (no output unless TRIG is set > 0).

SHL shifts bits left, SHR shifts bits right.

the particular use case i actually wanted these for: building output packets for the SERIAL op.