Aleph - micro sd card adapter / screen flicker

hi, just got an aleph today and enjoying it.

anyone knows a working micro sd card adapter so it won’t stick out of the case, something like this :

another thing is sometimes the screen flickers, like the refreshing rate is lowered and it would go back between normal and this when using, is there a solution for this?


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This is normal as far as my experience goes. Mine has always done it from time to time, mostly when editing ops. But I think, depending on what version of bees you are running, it flickers at different times and different places. Anyway, it’s definitely something in the code and not the hardware causing it.


thanks for clarifying!

re: flicker. worth checking the solder joints and possibly reheating the main mezzanine connectors. for whatever reason i’ve seen this issue a few times as a result of not-perfect soldering-- which results in some 3v3 instability.

thank you for the info @tehn, is there a disassembling guide somewhere?

btw I want to replace the sd card to a new one, i tried a 2GB one I have without success, is there a specific spec that I need to follow.=?



for general information. SD card needs to be FAT formatted. low quality cards will have problems.