Aleph midi CC out

hello everyone

is there an operator that can send midi cc out?
from what i understand MIDICC and MIDINOTE can receive cc and midi values and
MOUT_NOTE (MOUT_N) sends midi notes but no cc values.

or am i missing something?

There is no current CC out object, indeed. And having one would really be great if you ask me - unfortunately, I can’t make it myself…

would something like that be difficult to make? it would be great to change settings and values of a midi controlled effect.

it would not be difficult. new op would look much like op_midi_out_note with slightly different arguments. main difference is the structure of the output packet:

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thanks for the reply. i’m not a programmer so is there a more basic way to start understanding OPs than this ?

and then, this for the description of each operator:

and finally the tutorials:

I’d probably start with the Bees intro, then the tutorials (at least a few of them to begin with), then finally the operators list to get more precision.

Is that what you were looking for?

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thanks for the links I’m in the middle of the tutorials and they’re quite helpful in getting a clearer understanding of the aleph’s capabilities.
i was trying to find out if there is an ‘easier’ way to understand the code that makes up the OP but i guess there is not, which puts modifying an OP beyond my capabilities at the moment. i think having the aleph send out cc values to other pedals or gear would be an interesting addition and would open up a range of possibilities (at least in my head)

indeed, I agree with you.

one reason i didn’t support more midi output types is that i was getting weird artifacts testing the note output operator. like stuck and doubled notes. but nobody else has reported problems, for example brian said it seemed to be working fine for him. i don’t actually have a lot of MIDI gear to test with so it might just be the fault of my setup.

anyways, i would love to hear from other people who have tried using the note output. if there is trouble then i need to debug the midi driver itself.

I know for sure that the MIDICC IN object loses its MIDI channel each time a scene is loaded, which is very frustrating and, although it can be fixed using two presets, requires quite some patience (same issue somehow as with many other objects: BIGNUM, SCREEN etc). Then I’ll try the note output and will report. Thanks!

oh… that does sound irritating. the three ops you mention are ones that i’ve literally never used myself. there is probably an issue with order of initialization. should not be too hard to fix.

if you have a list of init problems you’ve noticed, maybe send them to me at

you could also send me a .zip of your aleph/apps/bees/ directory if you want me to add your new ops.

i can put together a release this weekend and try to address those issues.

Edit: it is now DONE, thanks!

i was able to do a little work over the weekend and have just pushed a couple of updates to the dev branch.

bumped bees version twice, to 0.6.3 with some fixes to graphic ops init/deinit, and then to 0.7.0 with MIDI input fixes that unfortunately needs to break existing scenes that use MIDI input ops.

also added BARS8 and ROUTE16, and did some bees UI tweaking. in particular you can now delete characters in scene/preset names by holding ALT while scrolling the cursor.

and finally, i did add an operator for MIDI CC output. the reason i haven’t posted a new release yet is that this still has some issues that (as i feared) arise from the MIDI driver.

for me, it pretty much works but drops output frames when TX requests overlap. so it still needs a queuing mechanism or similar - the exact solution needs a little thought to avoid a messed up interrupt-timing situation.

anyways i will keep looking at that and probably push more updates soon, but in the meantime it would be awesome if anyone with some MIDI devices and a bees build environment, could help me test the latest changes.


I’ll do it gladly Ezra. This sounds just awesome, just send me the new version and I’ll give you feedback within two days max.

ah ok. if you have a build environment set up i would just pull the dev branch and build it. that way you know you are looking at the latest changes amid potentially frequent update.

but anyways, here’s a ‘release candidate’ build of the current dev branch (last commit #6f81168) (304.5 KB)

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Of course, sorry I didn’t read properly. I can build Bees myself, for sure. I’m still not used to GitHub, but I am getting better at it and this at least I am used to now. So no need for other release candidate builds!

never complained but it was a nuisance

thanks man!

salivating right now…when this gets sorted i’ll be bringing out a lot of midi boxes gathering dust in storage to test the release

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looking forward to testing this as well!

hmmm well, I wanted to test this now but my whole Input DSP section is now gone… Meaning in Waves, for instance, no access to Hz0 or Wave1, Cut0 etc. I tried the other modules, restarted on default setup, reinstalled previous versions of Bees but it never came back which is pretty scary. Any idea, someone?