Aleph: midi interface recommendations?

I’m interested in driving some older midi gear via the aleph.

Searching the old forum turned up a recommendation for an elektron TM-1. While nice looking and probably well built it seems like one could have similar functionality at a lower cost.

Anyone have experience with either of the following?

…it is kind of hard to tell if these are class compliant or not.

Other recommendations?

I used to have MIDISPORT 1x1, never had any problems with it. Haven’t used it with an Aleph though.

I have the Roland UM-One. It is good.
It’s the only one I found that can power an iPad while also doing wired MIDI.
Has a toggle on the side of it for switching between computer and tablet. It transmits sysex data.
Is class compliant (works without installing special drivers) but also has a special driver.
Not sure if that FPT stuff is real though.

At the even cheaper end of the market I have used

MIDI To USB Interface Cable

to combine the Monomachine and the aleph. I haven’t tested the aleph’s midi in capabilities when using this interface though.

i’ve probably owned 10 midisport 1x1s in my life. they work just fine