Aleph - new ZONE operator?

Does anyone have a bees hex-file of this, with the refactored grid operater, the mem and all that they would send to me?
I would love to try this out! I recently finally took time to really get to know my aleph, and the things mentioned here seems to be very very useful!
I am no programmer (I started learning C, in time it’ll be useful) so i don’t know much about compiling.
Does anyone have a instructions or a compiled version i could use?
Thank you for all the work on the aleph! I’m really seeing a lot of potential being uncovered with all of this

I’ll look into it this week, for sure. Welcome on board! You seem to have a Danish name, is that possible? I live i Copenhagen, so that could make things even easier.

I sure have a danish name and i live in Copenhagen.
I’ve been lurking for some time in here, and i think i at some point realized that you were from Copenhagen as well.