Aleph - no sound after update

Hi all,

First, I’m not certain that this is the appropriate place for my issue.

I just updated my Aleph (aleph-150718), and unfortunately I’ve lost all sound. I loaded the ‘this’ scene—nothing. I loaded the ‘aleph-waves’ module—nothing. Any help is appreciated!

that’s pretty weird… can you provide more details on the steps you tried?

you downloaded the .zip here? []

copied the entire folder structure to sdcard? (app/, data/, mod/, and all contents/subdirs)

entered bootloader and flashed aleph-bees-0.6.3.hex ?

and on reboot there was no sine wave?

any status messages on screen?

one thing that is strange is this release doesn’t contain a file called ‘aleph-waves’ - the prefixes have been removed from dsp module names. so i’d first guess there are maybe old files still on the sdcard?

what component versions (bees, modules) were you running previously?

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I just confirmed that the aleph-150718 release does contain the this scene (along with all the other scenes which were included in earlier releases) and that it works here.

As @zebra suggested it does sound like cleaning out the sdcard, re-copying the release, re-flashing (with aleph-bees-0.6.2.hex included in the release) might be in order.

Thanks all! I followed @zebra’s recommendation and I have sound.

This thread could be deleted now…

I’ve had this happen a few times - no sound output, no visual feedback from the VU lights… I just kept reinstalling bees until it worked. It took a handful of tries.

When flashing the new version of bees did you see a random checkerboard like pattern drawn (line by line) across the screen or was it solid black/solid white?

In the past I’ve found that my sdcard would get corrupted on occasion such that the aleph couldn’t read the content correctly (the solid color progress pattern).

What fixed it each time was reformatting the sdcard then copying the release onto the card (as opposed to deleting/overwriting an existing release).

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