Aleph prgm and iPhone prgm

i can cosign all of this

i used audacity to create the wavs and ffmpeg to convert to .prgm big endian snippets

filesize (and therefore sample length) is best kept micro

but it has been months since i did and now ffmpeg is fighting me on a new computer

when i make some more i’ll post any tips i notice may help others

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segmentation fault : (

i’m troubleshooting

Thanks both of you. I’ll try and repost. Still, I am curious about why it has to be big endian, is there any particular reason or is it just the way you started it?

samples are transferred as parameter changes, so there is byte swap going on in the spi process, that is also why the speed is so limited at the moment.

i’ve given up solving this for right now, i’ll come back to ffmpeg with a fresh brain later

frustrating cause there’s a youtube clip that helped before but it’s blocked now…

0.1.2a, a test version with pitch and level control for trig mode

new parameters for the trig mode:
pitch is base pitch
add-in pitch is how much base pitch is affected by the sequenced level values (right column), a negative add-in value gives higher level to lower pitch.

no bug fixes, just testing how to implement pitch and level control, and a different interpolation algorithm. (91.2 KB)


reworking this version to improve channel count and other stuff…


what’s new?

I’m about to load this version

reworking this version to improve channel count and other stuff…


so now we have 3 cv inputs active!

thanks for adding new features and providing a great sound sample

all the lfo’s are dsp!

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ah nice
so that is the internal modulation you are talking about!

i was away from my unit earlier and wondered how you crammed multiple cv inputs into the feature list

tested finally today…this is a massive update

with so many parameters and routing options, is there a way to save internal patch settings?

definitely on the short list, but I need to do some more thinking around how to handle scene settings, track patterns, and samples in an intuitive way. plus the sample transfer over spi desperately needs some kind of boost treatment.

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not quite, but some small steps were taken, for now…

prgm 0.1.4 is ready, yey :dolphin:

4 sequencer tracks
4 internal cv sources
5 channels audio
1 aux bus
1 trig bus
1 gate bus
look and feel (228.8 KB)

user tip! press sw1 on the start page to set up your scene
user tip! cv and audio pages are empty until you assign a mode to them!


manual for 0.1.4 and a new .hex with some minor tweaks I found when writing it.


man (198.7 KB)


You got to be kidding me this looks fricking nuts! Only read the manual so far but if this does what I think it does!? wow! I was somewhat stuck into the lisp interpreter last night didn’t want to break concentration and play with new shiny new prgrm… Don’t know how I can make it through a full day at work with such excitement waiting at home!!!

thanks! happy to finally type ‘make R=1’ on this one :whale:

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0.1.6d is up on github!


  • turntable sequencing*** (as seen here)
  • connect up to 4 turntables
  • sequenceable parameters include start/stop, rpm, speed, reverse, motor
  • platter speed direct control mode with recall
  • turntable controlled loop mode [deck] ***
  • connect up to 2 turntables
  • direct control of loop recording with turntable start/stop buttons
  • optional delay compensation (to match recording start with platter speed-up)
  • master/slave loop logic
  • composition mode

  • recall to card, finally!

*** roll your own external control unit, updates about build-details and source code will follow shortly in this thread