Aleph prgm and iPhone prgm


I´m getting ready for an ios release of the prgm app, but first there will be a limited beta testing, pm me if you would like to join in!


it is out in the wild! prgm for the iPhone available for free in the App store, search for “prgm” to find it, see icon below too.

user manual is here

the app icon looks like this

thanks @beo, @myecholalia, @glia for volunteering for testing, even though I botched it up in the end…

thanks @zebra and @tehn for making the Aleph, it’s been a gem for learning about programming and DSP and stuff!

enjoy! :dolphin:

edit, added a live demo on youtube

//// pictures ////

congrats! great work! :tada:


thanks! :notes::notes:


So much fun!! Thank you.


Fun app! Any plans to make this Audiobus and Link compatible?

Is it already possible to samples into the soundbanks?


@altoaiello @rdfm happy that you’re liking it!

about audiobus (and inter-app audio), I will look into it, it would be interesting to get some input on how people are using it, maybe some example of other apps that work well together in this way. I guess this is would be true for ableton link as well.

it is not possible to import samples, if it will require ios11 (the new file features) to make it work on a good way, then it will be a tough decision, because I want keep arm7 support. (and ok I can just as well admit that I happen to have an iPhone 5c myself :smile:)


planning ahead for the next iPhone version I made this poll, and I would love some input from this amazing community, maybe it can be useful for someone else too.

edit, this poll is about music apps on handheld devices, not apps compared to other tools, so I closed the last question and it’s not part of the poll anymore, so a three question poll it is!

when using music apps on handheld devices I tend to use a…

  • smartphone
  • tablet

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I use music apps on handheld devices…

  • as part of my workflow
  • as part of my workflow, but only as a controller
  • for inspiration, not for official releases/finished tracks
  • just for fun

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I have a handheld device which is solely for use in my studio setup…

  • yes
  • no

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this question is closed and not part of the poll.

  • yes
  • amen to that

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some of these need an “all of the above” option :wink: tablet + smartphone + grid


thanks for the input! I’m blocked from making changes but I have a pending request to mods, the last question will be removed to make it only about apps on handhelds and not apps in relation to other kind of tools, like grids etc.


I’m making a poll about music apps on handheld devices here but I made some errors in the first version, so it’s been taken down for now, but it will come back again, sorry for the general disarray!


iPhone prgm v1.1

  • improved reverb algorithms
  • ui now adapted for all iPhone screen sizes
  • edit trigs using drag-and-hold

(the upgrade is processing at the moment, but should be pop-up within 24 hours)



v1.2 mentioned in the previous version of this post is released now (should be available within 24 hours).

the new stuff

  • 6x channel eq*

  • a new revision of the reverb program

  • some minor ui features and bug fixes

enjoy! :dolphin:

*Frequency, Gain, Q and dry/wet Mix with selectable In and Input Invert. Type: Single Band / Bell shaped. Range : 16 Hz - 20 kHz. Gain : +/- 15 dB. Q : 0.35 - 6. Frequency and Mix modulation.


[edit] v1.3 for iPhone is now available. what’s new in this version:

  • Track Offset (+/-)
  • Selectable Aux Effect (Delay, Flanger)
  • Video and Audio Real-Time Capture (Requires iOS 10.2 or later)



I just added a feature for the iPhone version to import .wav by airdrop (up until it was only possible to use the internal preloaded sounds), looking for some help with beta testing and feedback on this feature before release, pm me if you want to give it a go!


some things got in the way… out now prgm 1.4

  • sound import with Airdrop, up to 48 sounds
  • track independent speed
  • pattern cue
  • new reverb programs

enjoy! :shark:

oh, I should mention supported format is 32bit/48k wav, just like these ones…


aleph prgm got an update to 0.2.1, added possibility to create and recall custom scales for the cv outputs, up to 36 notes per scale, each cv out can have it’s own scale with it’s own size. each note can also have an added tuning. link to GitHub where you can find the zip-file, includes the new app with the module and drum samples in post above.



Woah, just found this. Excited to dig in!