Aleph scenes?


due to the need of portability the only thing I am thinking to buy is an Aleph.
But I don’t have any programming skills, so I would be completely dependent of existing/shared Aleph scenes. So my question is: how many freely available scenes are to be found out there? Is there an overview of all available scenes? I couldn’t find anything.


hmm… you’re right… all the ones i shared before seem to not have been transferred from the archive pages (which also seems to have disappeared?) to the new aleph pages @tehn any chance of making them accessible again… or a new place to upload them?

programming wise you can make lots of things on the Aleph without any ‘coding’ just by using Bees, (it’s just choose what you want to connect to what kind of stuff)
the tutorials are a good place to start.

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I had informally proposed collecting aleph scenes on github here - [aleph-community] ( The idea was to create something similar to the monome-community area.

One challenge with collecting aleph scenes is ultimately which version of bees is a given scene compatible with.


It could be a side note which bees version is compatible.

where were they originally? i quickly looked around but didn’t see where they’d be.

github is where we should put them.

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they were all in the sharing section on the old monome/aleph site… i think @zebra but some of them on github though actually?

i think the ones i had on the sharing site were for early bees version so may not be super useful! (prob would work with some tweaks) - was here

@tehn i’ve got a bunch i use regularly now… where on github should i put them? where @ngwese suggested on ? how does one do that? (sorry… i still don’t ‘get’ github)

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I have some old scenes I could contribute, would just need to test and see if they work with current bees/lines. Caveat: They might not be the most user friendly or computationally efficient bees patches… but hey they’ll do stuff.

Need to check, but also probably have a complete archive of all bees patches ever shared. At least close.

We should just start a thread here and do the github.

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I realize that github is a barrier for many. There is a desktop application they have which makes things more friendly. If there is interest I could try to write up a short tutorial around using it.

GitHub Desktop

I’m also happy post other scenes up there on behalf of other community members.

So, after reading this I am a little scared. I really would like to experiment with the Aleph but I am scared to spend more than 1000 bucks without knowing what I am going to deal with. Sorry folks, I don’t want to bother with this but please answer my questions:

  • If I am no programmer at all (not even Max), do you think I can get along with bees?
  • If there is no repository, how am I going to get hands on scenes?
  • Why were there never any Bees Tutorials by @tehn after the first announcement? Is it because of the small amount of available Alephs? Is it because of the Eurorack modules that followed and demanded time and focus? Is the Aleph an untended/neglected Monome child?


  • bees might not be super obvious right out the box, but it’s easier to learn than max. will require some work and probably frustration
  • go digging for scenes in forums new and old (tho honestly there was never tons out there anyway and rolling your own is more rewarding and probably why one should want an aleph)
  • there were/are 7 tutorials. see here:

Thanks @analogue01. I just wonder if other Aleph users would be willing to share their actual up to date scenes? This would be a fantastic starting point.

@dspk’s are a great place to start

i would share some of mine when I get a chance, but they’re all designed to sync with a specific modular synth setup so I’m not sure how useful they’d be

also they’re tied to specific performances i’ve done so tbh i’m a little hesitant. would need to clean up the code and make the ui more general

also don’t discount the scene’s that come with the bee’s download. @tehn’s “skitter” scene is still one of the most fun things the aleph does. and it’s easily hackable

found them:

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Thank you very much for information and insight. Helps a lot in the thinking. I don’t wanna suffer g.a.s. that’s why I ask.

It would be very kind, if some of you Aleph users out there could write some words about their use of the Aleph! Do you use it more as an FX processor, or synth, or as CV sequencer in combination with modular?

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I think most of us are reticent to share freely because we don’t think our crudely fashioned scenes are useful to others in their current forms

There are a few decent ideas I planned to share but have been sidetracked repeatedly from dedicating extended time to solving puzzles needed to build/prove the concepts. I put much more time into audio exploration than the “programming” scene building with aleph…I’d have been more productive if I’d reversed that until I had a better grasp of how things fit together in the system

these are all excuses really and I’d be willing to upload the contents of my SD if anybody wanted to sift thru the things on there right now


i’d totally sift through the stuff on that card!!

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Also I’ll pm you with more detail if you want but for public record [quote=“kza, post:18, topic:3543”]
Do you use it more as an FX processor, or synth, or as CV sequencer in combination with modular?
[/quote]… 99.9% of the time for fx (often with duncan speakman’s gripper or mixing within iterations of test2’s prgm)

Interestingly, I only started understanding BEES in a practical sense when I sat down to make stuff for control by teletype in april

the personal progress was exciting enough to share but I wasn’t able to save the scenes properly and I fell out of codemapping shape…i’ll dive back in again when i’m sure new work can be saved

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