Aleph Second Run?

I’ve had my aleph for about a month now and love it. I still feel like Im just scratching the surface of what its possible, and still wrapping my head around basic things like aspects of input or mixer section. Also nervous that another run wont happen, I really think this box is endless ( altho more voices would be cool ) and hope that more ppl get them so I reap the benefits of a even larger shared knowledge base that im sure will have ideas beyond what Im thinking.


Mine came in this week and I have been lost in this little white box ever since.

Maybe it’s a crowdfunding type of scenario?

I’d be thrilled if there were a kit version.

I bet Ezra would tell you what boards could make / emulated it. But personally I’ve never had experience programming… Although I guess I could change that ( painfully )

this could have been what was used to prototype ?