Aleph - Security...?

I had quite a bizarre experience today, I thought I would share.

In forwarding a PayPal transaction for a monome aleph today (so excited! :smile: ), I received this message to my email almost immediately:

“Regulations require us to take a closer look at some transactions. Your payment is temporarily pending while we review it.”

Hmm, never seen that before. So, I searched the phrase and it turns out this message isn’t the usual pending message you receive on a payment.

Now, I’m not one for conspiracy, but this just stuck out and I had to dig deeper!

Some further research revealed it was a sort of “random” security check, which PayPal performs on transactions. Typically international. Many of the reports I was reading had to do with using words like, “Cuba”, “Military” etc. included in the item description or message during checkout.

I called PayPal, and after waiting for what seemed like an hour informed me, “Ah! Yes. This is simply because this amount is higher than your usual purchases etc.”… which didn’t add up, especially after reading over my transaction records with the representative. (I need to stop buying so much gear :wink: ).

Now the conversation moved into this security check business, and that indeed it was for security reasons it was pending. Which security? Mine? The seller’s? Earth’s? She would not specify.

I got to the point and finally asked if it was indeed the word “Aleph”, after I explained the purchase, to which I got a “Yes.”. Plain and simple. I was surprised they gave it to me that straight!

I asked if they thought it was a little strange given the word’s origin etc. and they just stated that these measures are for security blah blah.

She assured me that it would clear after 24 hours and that the transaction would complete normally (we’ll see…) Weird!

Anyone experience anything similar to this before? Do share!

Had the same happen to me when I bought one.
Completely normal keyword based procedure on the Paypal side.
Silly, but normal. Enjoy the Aleph. Kind of missing mine.

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Good to know! Thanks for the heads up.

those traveling white boxes. would love to see some sort of a first batch’ family tree. like owner a to owner b to owner z… have a nice journey with yours! i’ll never sell mine.


I had the exact same experience. Never tried the “security check” before, even though I’ve used paypal alot. Strange. But it cleared within 10 minutes.
Does anyone have any idea why the word Aleph should be dangerous. Am I now on some sort of watch list for just writing aleph in an internet forum? (aleph aleph aleph, now i must be…)

same thing happened just after they came out when i bought mine of someone, it’s a character of the hebrew alphabet i believe so must be sketchy…


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same here

@ether : thank you, now it makes sense
btw how did you get to this ?

@beo I read a lot I guess? I remember picking this info up somewhere. And having lived in NYC before and after (but not on) 9/11 maybe I’m more aware of this kind of thing.

I had the same thing happen to me. My situation didn’t go as well as everyone else’s. It took a few weeks of review and PayPal ended up canceling the entire transaction and wouldn’t allow me to appeal or initiate it again. I ended up having to pay by sending a check in the mail. Very weird situation.

That’s awful! Just went through for me, was about a 15 hour hold.

Same here, this week. I asked Brian for an e-invoice and uploaded the .pdf in the Resolution Center section of my PayPal account. Everything was solved 48 hours later.

maybe this? never considered it before, but now i guess i’m probably on a list for buying it… lol(?(need gallows humor emoji))

i’m a dork though so aleph still makes me think: