Aleph sync

Hi there!!
first post on lines…excitement!
I’m having an issue in syncing Aleph with Mfb’s Tanzbar.
my wish is to use stepwavescv with an external sync via cv-in. So i add a timer operator in such way:
cv-in → timer ->metro ->step . Metro and step are part of stepwavescv network.
This solution works fine with external trigger form my modular (0-10V) but is not working at all with external trigger from Tanzbar (0-3V). Maybe 3V are too low to provide a solid trigger to Aleph.

So i’m using a third module (Flame arpeggiator) to trigger both Aleph and Tanzbar, but Aleph is always a bit faster than Tanzbar!! so strange! both sequencers are 16 step which go very fluid but there always a a gap in their relative speeds.
any suggestion?
maybe with an additional midi port on Aleph I could link directly Tanzbar. Or not?

I’d recommend triggering the STEP operator directly from the CV-IN rather than going via the TIMER & METRO combo. The problem with this approach is every time a CV-IN is received it will have a rounding error, so it makes sense that they will drift over time.

By connecting the CV-IN directly to the STEP advance, you’ll have the two systems linked by a trigger, rather than a tempo.

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