ALEPH tunes compilation

just curious if anyone is interested in making a compilation of aleph-based tunes / мир

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we talked about this
count me in

:heavy_plus_sign: :one:


i’ve been waiting for you to resurface @Test2

:whale: Surfs Up! :whale:


i’m already generating!!! my valid lover project is totally aleph led :slight_smile:

also, i just tried Landr, errr. really suprisingly good if you want to post things but don’t have a good mastering engineer to hand and you normally just try your own clunky techniques (I’m pointing at myself here)

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live, no-input lines plus viola


thank you

i wont spoil it for anyone…just listen

i’ll try to finish my part in next few days. shall we make a deadline?

if you want this to actually happen, a deadline would be great
i gave myself a month and still didnt get to it properly until today

looking fwd to hearing everybody elses!

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how did i miss this? yes, set a deadline and i’m in.

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same here… i’d love to contribute… just got to pick or make one :smile:

Pareidolia - Luc Perez & Yann Coppier

This one is a video of a live performance. Luc Perez did the visuals, I did the music real-time. All the sound is Aleph-based, with my own scenes based on Waves, plus a Kurzweil multieffect (KSP8).

Anyway, I would love to contribute as well.

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first day of october f. ex. i’m a bit busy doing stuff for ctm but still hope to contribute.

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so sorry but i need few more days. curious about your contributions.

what is the deadline for this? do we post them here?

you can send it to me via pm. initial deadline is today but i haven’t finished my part yet.

ok… i’ll send tomorrow if that’s ok?

sure. can’t wait to hear it!