Aleph tutorial question

Hi all,

I’m making my way through the Aleph tutorials, and although they’ve proven to be helpful thus far, I’m afraid that I’ve reached a block in Tutorial 3 when attempting to connect and use my Monome Grid controller.

I’ve completed all steps through the line “Set the new ADD/TRIG to 1” but pressing the buttons on the grid does nothing. In fact, I’ve cleared the scene and completed all steps twice now without success. Troubleshooting has proven unsuccessful as well. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!

Note: within this section, there is an instruction to “Connect MUL/SUM to the new ADD/A”. However, I only see “MUL/VAL.” Should I see “MUL/SUM” instead?

Make sure you connect your grid after powering up. In most cases it’ll solve your problem. And you should definitely see MUL/VAL.

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