Aleph update - bees 0.7.0

available here:

from the changelog:

bees 0.7.0 !! breaks scene compatiblity for MIDI and WW!!

  • new op: MIDI_OUT_CC

  • new op: BARS8

  • new op: ROUTE16

  • fix midi input ops not remembering their channel number

  • MIDI_NOTE op now has 3rd output for noteoff velocity

  • WW operator now has 7th output for current position

  • scrolling page selections now cancels any pending keypress actions.

  • INS page now refreshes displayed values on page selection or ALT press.

  • scrolling with ENC3 now deletes characters in scene/preset name editors.

  • explicitly disable blackfin audio before module change

WARNING scenes using MIDI and WW operators will need to be recreated, to take advantage of these fixes. other scenes should be fine.


i’m still not too well set up at my new place, so would appreciate any testing feedback for people using WW with grid controllers, and people using MIDI controllers. if you find issues i can put together a setup to troubleshoot.

in particular, i wonder if the noteoff velocity is helpful / functional. i can’t really test this. perhaps the idea bears a little explanation: MIDI_NOTE operator now has 3 outputs:

  • NUM : the note number, updated for each noteon and noteoff
  • VELON : note-on velocity. updated with [1-127] on a note-on, and updated with 0 on a note-off. that way, simple patching methods will still work (attaching this output directly to amplitude), regardless of whether your controller sends noteoff vel or not.
  • VELOFF: this is only updated on a noteoff, with [0-127]. for most controllers, the value will always be zero.

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Whoa this is exciting !

Sorry I’m terrible at keeping track of all the acronyms here, What is the WW referenced here?
White Whale port to Aleph?

Yeah. WW = White Whale op.

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Fantastic Ezra, I am on it ! I have been working with the candidate release for a while now and all I can say is that it only gets better. I’ll check all of the new functionalities, and will report.

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