Aleph update errors

UPDATE: I wiped the SD card completely and gave it a try: it worked.

Just now getting around to updating bees as well as grains. I rain copy.command to update bees, then I coped the grains files into their appropriate destinations.

However, after launching the Bootloader and selecting the new bees hex file, I receive “WARNING: error parsing hex record!” and “WARNING: scary address!” messages.

What’s up with this? Thanks!

I don’t have the source code in front of me so I can’t use the error message to narrow done the potential cause but… I’d wager the the SD card contents have been corrupted.

When stuff like this happens to me I completely reformat the SD card, re-copy the files, and try again.

I’ve noticed that on Mac OS X that there is still some activity on the SD card even after I eject it (flushing of changes still in memory possibly) - if I pull the card out before the activity light on my card reader stops I often end up with a card which causes weird aleph failures…