Interesting. And a good point, I’ve found when I move the aleph around I take the sd card out.

I think an editor you could use on a normal computer would change a lot as far as working with a bees scene. I made a scene with about sixty operators, and found after a certain point I could only add things, after a certain point I was too scared to change anything earlier for fear I would break something and not know what I did. I feel like having more of a macro view of the operator structure would make this process easier, as well as make it manageable to reconstruct an old scene on a newer version of bees. And maybe being able to add some comments to keep track of things.

I know these ideas are not new. I certainly haven’t been able to contribute anything towards making an offline editor happen.

Also, like has been mentioned, the difficulty of modifying the modules is a barrier. For example, I thought it would be nice to have a svf filter on an input of lines. It would probably take me a long time to figure that out and also, I’d have my own sgraggly branch of lines.

I’m not trying to complain, just throwing out a couple of my observations since I was using the aleph pretty heavily for a piece earlier this month.


crazy true

i would have never articulated this point in a discussion of aleph pro/cons but it’s absolutely right

reflecting back…i cant recall crashing my machine while using the PRGM app (except occasionally at startup when i tried to load too many samples from sd)


paging @lazzarello and anybody else who will soon own both aleph and norns…can we have a conversation here to discuss what we’d like?

i’m excited about how they could be linked to make an even more powerful/flexible system


I can’t make any promises but given that I do have access to both devices I anticipate exploring this pairing at some point.

My hope post norns release is to shift gears and work on a higher level MIDI processing framework for norns. I have a handful off MIDI devices I’d like to control from norns (including devices wanting to play usb MIDI host like ansible and aleph) so I’m close to pulling the trigger on an iConnectivity mio4 in order to get host <=> host connections working.

MIDI is certainly more limiting that some more direct serial connection but the later requires much more work to get off the ground (not to mention coming up with a design). I know @rick_monster had done a significant amount of work to allow aleph modules to be loaded over its serial connection. My recollection was that he added the ability to manipulate bees to a certain degree as well…

…so I guess in short the stage is set now it is just a matter of sourcing the time to experiment.


I vaguely recall this and will read up on the old posts on the aleph serial connection

trust me…i don’t take any of your efforts for granted, nor do i consider your observations about these devices as a promise or guarantee

speak freely
i won’t hold you to anything


I didn’t get in on the first sale but def looking for the next one.


not a priority at all but i found this again while researching

still such a rad proposition


Hey, I wanted to post this performance video here since it made heavy use of the aleph. I’m playing my new love, the Chapman Stick, into lines. Hope you enjoy.


Very nice, thanks for sharing!




curious now that norns has been out for a few months
do any of you have ideas or feedback regarding using the two devices in tandem?


Well, I guess I will find out once I buy a norns, which I didn’t manage to do the two previous time there was a preorder… In the meantime I have put a new scene for Grains, for those who want to check it out.



A bit of a cross post to a relevant thread.

I got some ciat-lonbarde eurorack modules and hooked them up to the CV inputs and audio outputs of an Aleph with the lines module loaded. Then I recorded a thing.


i enjoyed this

interested in sharing the scene?


Yeah I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow. The Aleph is making the sounds I’ve been calling “alien fauna”, using the audio inputs as source material.

The scene isn’t super sophisticated. I might be able to get encoders to do more interesting things. I think they act as gain knobs for delay mixer inputs.


@glia This is the scene for the alien fauna sounds. It won’t make much noise without CV going into all four inputs.

cv_line.scn (256.1 KB)


I have acquired a grid 128 and I finally had the mental moment where I figured out how the tape delay metaphors for the lines module works.

So…I want to build a live looping sequencer where the X axis of the grid is the length of the delay line and each button is 1/16 of the total length. I don’t really know where to start but I’ll be updating and posting stuff here with my progress.

Anyone have a metal footswitch to recommend? I wanna hook up the record controls to some.


Sorry I am somehow double-posting but anyway… Well I might be able to help in the process if you want to share some of your original ideas there more precisely. Always happy to see new developments for the Aleph!


oh neat. I don’t even know how to upgrade to bees 0.8. Recently I copied a scene to the SD card and it crashed the OLED! It’s scary changing the software.

I should get my build toolchain to run again. I’d prefer to just check out the master branch and compile everything.