Alesis sr16 help

Anyone used one of these before. I picked one up ages ago (Jan I think) on eBay. Never used it, went to plug it in and have a play and I’m getting low volume static from it.

Is it pretty simple to open and have a fiddle? I’d like to get it up and running for some 80s backing tracks!

Moral? Try stuff when you get it!

i have one that i hacked which was pretty easy but if your not getting any signal out of it - god knows could be lots of things- these machines are pretty old now quite a lot on line about hacking them. They have old style real components so you might be able to see what has blown or died. Just shorting different legs on the two big chips gives great mangling sounds. avoid the 4 corner pins though as these carry the power. good luck .

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Thanks. I’ll open it up this afternoon and see if there’s anything obvious.

Will use some google-fu to troubleshoot.

better shot of inners…ribbon cable from front panel to circuit board.

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Does the volume of the static change when you turn the volume knob? My first thought was perhaps an issue with the volume potentiometer.