Alex Ingersoll - Ruins Form

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a collection of malleable nocturnes.

contours of felt reverberations.

foreground: this work was recorded and mixed between april-july 2020 using a modular synthesizer, live instrumentation, and field recordings. conversations, advice, scripts, technology, art, and philosophy from this community helped shape this work and nurtured its possibility. thank you.

background: the work is an attempt to foreground liquid composition in terms of flexible timing, generative tones and textures, and indeterminate crossings. much, if not all, of my work in film and audio is inspired by a range of mediated interpretations of ineffable or vague characteristics or objects that are positioned beyond human perception. these ineffable encounters include moments that are either too great to be articulated, too sacred to be uttered, or amply unknown or indefinable. this, in essence, is an exploration of the delcate balance of the ‘sublime’ affect where terror is often tightly knit with beauty. much of my work involves an outline of the ‘vague’ as an affective category that is comparable to gabriel marcel’s defense of the ‘mysterious’ where being or reality should not be deciphered as a problem to be solved as opposed to something to ‘attest to’ (Marcel 1965). ‘ruins form’ is a small mediation on music as an intermediary with the immeasurable, infinite, or unfathomable sublime. a lifelong pursuit.

echoes of yoshio ojima, sarah davachi, kali malone, hiroshi yoshimura, and demdike stare haunt my sense of sound design and musical practice across these songs.

i especially loved passing this off to be mastered by brian elza, a metal musician who brought a healthy new perspective and conversation to tone and mixing.

i hope you enjoy,