Alex meinhof - performances for myself

hey all! first post in the releases category. i just released a compilation of experimental improvisations titled “performances for myself”. these tracks represent my first forays into live electronic improvisation.

up until this point, the majority of my music making had been taking place in the daw. i have very little experience with live music. i have never played in a band or been particularly good at any ‘traditional instrument’. the process of ‘collaborating with’ one’s instruments is never something i had really experienced. with the simple setup i have, i found it to be mesmerizing to just sort of let the sound take me. almost like a meditation. make a small change, hear how everything shifts, make another small change, etc etc. this is probably old news for many of you, but as someone with relatively little musical experience, it was an eye opener for me.

technical notes:
the first track is a yamaha ps55 running into a dd20 and then into otis on fates (i believe, an sp404 might be in there somewhere)

second track is sine square generator into clouds (the high pitched bleeps come from mikrophonie output through a penrose quantizer into pitch input on clouds) and some kalimba on dictaphone running into otis on fates.

third track is the sine square generator and dictaphone into otis.

here is the sine square generator

since the knob is so precise, it is very fun to play the frequency and amplitude knobs to create nice swells to layer on top of each other.

hope you enjoy!


thank you so much @Gahlord, made my night!

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nice dreamy sound, I was in the right headspace to really let it all in.


20 chars of thank you!

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