Algorithmic Art Assembly, San Francisco, 3/22-23


Very cool event my friend Thorsten Sideb0ard (of Highpoint Lowlife) is getting going. It’s at Gray Area in the Mission on March 22 and 23, and it looks like I’ll be one of the people giving a talk on the 22nd, that Friday.

Short version: “Two days of talks and two nights of live music, focussed on algorithmic tools and processes.”

A bit more: “Algorithmic Art Assembly is a brand new two day conference and music festival, showcasing a diverse range of artists who are using algorithmic tools and processes in their works. From live coding visuals and music at algoraves, to virtual reality, gaming, augmented tooling, generative music composition, or knot tying, this event celebrates artists abusing algorithms for the aesthetics.”

Full details at

Daytime Presentations: Windy Chien, Jon Leidecker, Julia Litman-Cleper, Adam Roberts (Google Magenta), Olivia Jack, Yotam Mann & Sarah Rothberg; MARK FELL Q&A!, SPACEFILLER, Elizabeth Wilson, M Eiffler, Adam Florin, Marc Weidenbaum

Evening Music: Kindohm, Algobabez, Renick Bell, Spatial, Digital Selves, Wobbly, Can Ince; Mark Fell, W00dy, TVO, Shatter Pattern, William Fields, Sebastian Camens, Spednar


rad!! back to back:


I have some annual vacation time planning to do tomorrow when I return from the holidays, but I’m going to try to attend as much of both events as I can!

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Is there a definition for algorithmic music/composition? Sorry, cant attend… Do I have to be able to declare a specific algorithm used - a formula?

i’m hoping to attend all of this! there’s no mention of tickets on the site… is it a free event?

Tickets will be available soon. I’m not sure of the pricing. I’ll mention here when they go online.


I just saw an announcement that tickets for the Algorithmic Art Assembly are now available, starting at $15 early bird for a one-day pass.

My talk will be on Friday, March 22, in the afternoon. It’s currently titled “The Woodshed Is a Black Box,” but that title will likely change as the talk comes into shape/focus. Many thanks to all the Disquiet Junto participants who have shared algorithmic thoughts with me recently while I’ve been working on it.


Just bought tickets for both days, plus the TidalCycles workshop. Looking forward to it!

Would be great to meet some other folks there and say hi.

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Really detailed summary of the Algorithmic Art Assembly from Tom Hall of Cycling 74:


And full video of what appears to be most if not all of the sessions and the performances at the inaugural Algorithmic Art Assembly is now up at a dedicated YouTube channel:

The talk that I gave, about the algorithms we call music communities (focused on the Disquiet Junto, but connecting to Stones Throw Beat Battles and Naviar Haiku, as well as Fluxus, Oulipo, and other topics), is the first one of the first day.

I highly recommend two talks in particular: Olivia Jack’s on Hydra live-coding, as well as Yotam Mann and Sarah Rothberg on Blobchat. I didn’t make it to any of the evening performances, so I’m glad I get to experience them on my laptop, at least. Lots of good stuff, including Wobbly (who also gave a talk) and Kit Clayton.