Algorithmic art variety show (iO Chicago) : Nov 4th @ 10:30p

though framed by a goofy conceit (it is happening at the home of longform improv comedy), this is an exciting event put together by predictive-text programmer and ClickHole head writer Jamie Brew. i’ll be opening the night with a terms + meadowphysics patch using @Rodrigo’s dfscore system as algorithmic conductor, then will be improvising bleep-bloops to underscore some of the text-based acts.

it’s gonna get weird! very excited.

would love to meet any Chicago liners, so let me know if you’d like to attend and i’ll try and snag some comps.


That sounds awesome as shit!

Is anyone filming/recording?

not sure. iO usually sends feeds of all their shows to for archival and reference purposes. i’ll follow up with Jamie to see if we’ll be doing anything more hands-on.

i’m super excited to work with dfscore in front of others – going to project the score as it generates to hopefully provide more transparency and accessibility for folks. will report back!

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Ah that’s right, I remember you mentioning the thing, even that would be great to see.

Really great use for dfscore as well. I need to really get off my butt and juice that project good again. We had pushed it quite far, and it just needs an extra little nudge before it’s super easy to setup and use (just flashing a pi3 and using it over wifi and iPhones etc…)

would be there if i didn’t have family in town T_T